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MisterKast cheats: 7/14/2015 13:30:58

Level 55

I know the rules are somehow ambiguous, but check out the user R's profile. No wins, same country as MK, total cooperation in an FFA. I didn't have a chance to win the FFA, and wasn't beaten by these two. Just annoyed at their behavior in a generally friendly online game.
MisterKast cheats: 7/14/2015 13:37:36

Level 56
I do have to admit that behaviour is very suspicious. Looks like they're using an Alt to get wins.

Report it to Fizzer.
MisterKast cheats: 7/14/2015 14:54:46

Level 55
Yeah, seems quite a team-play there. But that does not mean its cheat. For example maybe it is his smaller borther/sister playing. Teaming is afterall allowed!

I am more amazed about the emptiness of partha-asian corner! This is the result of playing too many average-real time Rome Templates, where every second player chooses partha. And therefore around 10% of games happes with players who never choose partha-asia for overcrowded reasons!

There is a story here. Do not play FFA games. This might be poor mans way to win and obvious teaming. But I am more than certain that there are smart cheaters - which go undetedected. I will not lay out the advice for someone who would use that info for wrong reasons, but those players are much harder to catch. They know how to exactly make enough to win the game, but look it like it was close call.
MisterKast cheats: 7/14/2015 14:59:52

Level 58
dont bother with free for alls.... 1v1 and 2v2 are the real Warlight
MisterKast cheats: 7/14/2015 15:07:58

Level 55
I almost agree with Anna! I would add 3vs3.

Put just to point out the Risk Template is one of the best FFA-s to play here! Second FFA works best with no Fog settings. So you have all the possible information any everyones best choices and possible give-aways. With Fog the Blind factor is too big to add balance into game. When you play without Fog and with strategic players then people will start balancing out each other.

It is the problem of game settings. Just look the multi or real time open games. To me more than 75% of them are with "wrong" settings. Settings that do not match, are totally random. Starting just with territory count ratio to map, initial distribution + basic income. It must be derived from specifics of map etc. Same goes with cards and all other setting options.

Story is that people cant use them. FFA with right settings is actually pretty fun. Yet I have not seen any of the decent Templates on open rooms.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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