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Nine Tiers

Created by Endymion (all)
Went public on 7/17/2013
Number of ratings: 50
Average rating: 3.08 / 5
46 territories, 9 bonuses, 9 distribution modes


A very simple and fast paced map intended to be used for small FFA. I have included several distribution options for different numbers of players however the map bonuses work best for only 2 or 3 people, or single-player.

Bonus Note: Bonuses are intended for 1v1 and are designed to polarize the gameplay (obviously giving the advantage to the player who can reach tier 1). For 9-player FFA overriding the bonuses to Tier 1 - 13, Tier 2- 28, Tier 3- 52, Tier 4-98, and Tier 9- 112 should theoretically create balanced gameplay.

Change Log:
1.0 - Public Release
1.1 - Connected Bottom and Top tier 1, Fixed Naming inconsistencies, and recentered some army centerpoints.


Review by RvW on 7/17/2013.
Only suitable for two-player games; use a distribution mode to ensure symmetric starting positions.

The bonuses are very unbalanced: the single territory at the top (or bottom) of the map with only two neighbours is worth just as much as the row of eight territories near the middle which needs to defend against twenty neighbours.

A map with this general layout could work, but the groups of territories which together form bonuses needs rethinking.
8 out of 8 people found this review helpful.
Review by barakobama on 11/25/2013.
too easy
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Review by Nathan on 10/8/2014.
It's a fun concept, but the connection between the very top and very bottom tiers destroys playability. It's all about luck, instead.
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Review by G_GR on 12/22/2014.
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Review by Andalorium on 1/9/2017.
I have to agree that upper tier 1 and lower tier 4 should not be connected, with this done the map could be more successful.
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Review by Captain Carrot on 7/18/2013.
0 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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