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Dark Tower: War for All-World

Created by Dr. Evil (all)
Went public on 5/19/2015
Number of ratings: 42
Average rating: 3.5952 / 5
509 territories, 137 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


There are 6 portals in this map. The four doors led to each other, the two "grapefruits" led to each other. There is also an Island but it has a -6 to discourage its use after hitting one bonus. Each portal is labled as a portal as well to where the portal leads to. On top there is a bonus link, that highlights all the portals. And a Bonus link on how the castles work.

The upper portion, In-World and The Outer Arc are slower playing territories since there arent a bunch of portals there. The Lower portion, Mid-World and End-World are faster playing territories since they have all but one of the portals there, and are more sandwhiched together then the ladder portion.

The map was intended for 3v3 or 4v4 with selection of territories. There are some choke points so you can work on backside bonuses but overall its a very offensive map.

Sorry its a bit rough, but I did my best to clean up the territories which were all hand drawn. Oh and yes this is my first map. Say thank you sai.


Review by Nathan on 5/20/2015.
Awesome map! The layout is great. The territories are varied in shape and size. There are long-range connections (doors and grapefruit connections) to improve movement. There are even inventive bonuses. The drawing may be a bit sloppy in places, but that should not detract from a terrific playing experience.
Response by map creator Dr. Evil on 5/20/2015
Thanks Nathan, it was my first map and it's sloppy since I used the penicel instead of the pen on Inkscape. But I think it should make for a good 4v4 team map. I think Bottom bonus is pretty tough and not something you want to allow your opponent to complete.
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.
Review by Mudderducker on 5/25/2015.
Good idea and good potential, but poor territories bring down the rating.

EDIT: I have limited time myself, I will not be able to.
Response by map creator Dr. Evil on 5/25/2015
If you want i can send you the svg file to fix it up... im very busy and after this next map i wont have any time to work on it
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Review by Jason Bowden on 5/23/2015.
I really enjoyed this map. Being a big fan of the Dark Tower series, it was fun to see how you interpreted the book to a map. No flaws that I could find. Great job!
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful.
Review by Ysayell1 on 5/25/2015.
Not the prettiest map ever (there is effort, don't get me wrong, but the result doesnt end up feeling like... well... a map.), but it does have some interesting points to it and a LOT of unique landmarks. The portals make it seem not quite as massive and there are more choke points than you can shake a stick at. Would not recommend against AI (they get confused and it takes forever to root them out.) Imagine it would work exceptionally well for teamplay. Wastelands North should include Gasher's Home. 4/5
Response by map creator Dr. Evil on 5/26/2015
Thanks for the heads up, I will remember that on Gashers home. If someones volunteers to clean up the map I was thinking about maybe adding a grapefruit to Mejis and inboxing you Dark Tower readers for some name changes. This map was made with the intentions of 4v4 manual picks.

I'm only saying this once more. It was my first map and it was done with the pencil. If anybody wants I'll send them the svg file to fix it up and I will credit you in the description, the truth is I did my best already trying to fix it up and I felt like some spots I was making it worse. This map wasn't ment for a first time map maker IMO. My second map wasn't sloppy. I did Skull Island in a day, The Dark Tower took me over two weeks. I'm working on my last one, The Walking Dead, and then I'm done for a while. Worse comes to worse I hope this inspires someone to make a better version.
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Review by Daryle on 5/26/2015.
Long Game big map loved it
Response by map creator Dr. Evil on 5/26/2015
Thanks Daryle
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Review by Damion Strife on 6/7/2015.
Great map. You just need to work on your artistic skills a little. Not that I could do any better. :)
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Review by indiman112 on 6/22/2015.
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Review by �� TeeMee123 �� on 5/23/2015.
I can't believe this is the highest rated map (as of 23 may 2015). The territories are drawn really badly and the castle mechanics are a bit strange.
1 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

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