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Occasus Universitas - 1444 AD

Unlocks at level 16 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by xXOmegaXx (all)
Went public on 12/26/2015
Number of ratings: 55
Average rating: 4.10 / 5
739 territories, 805 bonuses, 8 distribution modes


A map detailing the political situation and the power balance during 1444 AD.

This map is meant to be a psuedo-replica of the map of Europa Universalis IV.


Review by Zephyrum on 12/26/2015.
As an EU4 AND Warlight player, this map is pretty damn good. It's very a very accurate copy of the European part of the EU4 map. The provinces' names, locations and owners are all correct, as far as I know. Aside from a few borders looking nasty, this map is pretty much amazing and worth a 5/5.

The development/3 method to set the income value of every province is great. Not much strategic use, but with all bonuses set to the same amount it might as well be a pretty good FFA Europe. The big deal here is the RP/Diplomacy usage: It has specifically set bonuses to make the slots, it has a backstory of it's own and - surprisingly - is easy to make slots that combine balancement and reality.

And as someone who HATES playing naval nations in EU4 (true pain defines), this map is already better than the original for the fact I don't need boats to attack Gotland from Sweden. Ah, so GLORIOUS not to have to suicide my whole navy into Denmark's to take that fort. xD
12 out of 12 people found this review helpful.
Review by MrOobling on 1/26/2016.
A lovely diplomacy map. One of the largest 'pure' diplomacy maps in existence deserves a 5/5 for sure.
Yes, nations can snowball and yes, deploying 100s of armies can get daunting but it is a diplomacy map. It is what it is designed for.
As, a devout player of EU4, I can safely say this map stays true to the game. It is perfect for recreating scenarios and games in the game. And, it is fairly balanced which is always a plus.
7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.
Review by FrancoPadini on 5/28/2016.
It's certainly a good map, the one bonus per territory is excellent for diplomacy games as it makes it easier to negotiate peace and makes the player choose which territories will he prioritise during war time.
However, I do believe some bonuses have to be reworked, mainly in the Islamic nations for example Basrah (Modern day Kuwait), Rosetta (Modern day Egypt), Alexandria, Sidon, the Holy lands.
I wanted to make a Local Deployment game but couldn't because of "Overlapping Bonuses", I had to go all throughout the list of bonuses in order to find that the Perm bonus (Worth 3 or 4 I don't remember) included two territories, please fix that.
Overall it's a really good map, if the bonuses and Perm get reworked I'll give it a 5.
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Review by The Supreme Mugwump on 8/18/2016.
Why there is no Epirus Achaea connection?

Also, map has too many territorries. Even for diplomacy games. Also, why big bonuses are set to 0 by default?

But overall quite good.
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Review by Miko��ajki(Polish Juggernaut) on 9/17/2016.
Great and quite historic. It is based(I think) on Europa Universalis, as seems. I think that countries("superbonuses") should have some armies per turn.
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Review by barakobama on 10/28/2016.
Where does the northern AI get so many armies each turn? This game doesn't make sense.
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Review by Caelen Robinette on 11/13/2016.
EU4 map its large lots of fun
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Review by viruwa on 12/14/2016.
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Review by Petyyy on 12/28/2016.
Good map!
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Review by The Cruelest on 4/26/2016.
good diplos
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