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The Isles of Books

Created by zing104 (all)
Went public on 2/2/2013
Number of ratings: 102
Average rating: 3.6568 / 5
320 territories, 64 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A map designed for several players featuring multiple super bonuses. There is one main island and several smaller ones surrounding it. Not including the main island, each island is it's own super bonus (or bonus, for 2 of the smaller islands). The main island contains two super bonuses and several normal bonuses.

All the super bonus titles are the titles of books or series (Or if there is not a super bonus, the bonus title). In the super bonuses, the smaller bonuses represent aspects of each series or book. The books represent several different genres, ranging from classics to modern books. However, this information is not requiered to play or understand the map in any way.

All feedback is appreciated, as this is my first attempt at making a large, non linear, map.


Review by LostAddict on 5/2/2013.
Tons of fun to play on, takes some time to get your bearings, but after that it's awesome, love the names of the territories.
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Review by Krulle on 2/12/2013.
Misspelling on "Artemis Fowl": Cenaturs ?
Also: Missing Link: The Titans Curse - Briares
Response by map creator zing104 on 5/2/2013
Fixed in the latest update a few weeks ago (1.1). Thanks for this feedback, along with other feedback I've gotten via the feedback button.
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Review by BloodBath185 on 3/27/2013.
41 turns
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Review by Toxophilus on 11/6/2013.
When you have another person to take the blows for you, you can really take out a ton of units. I had almost 4000 armies at the end of it.
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Review by Netzpirat on 3/14/2014.
what a wonderful idea, i play it today, because at the moment ist the international book fair in Leipzig, Germany. So it is a good chance to warm up for my next adventure ... in a book :-) thx for this world
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Review by Nathan on 9/30/2015.
I'm not sure how I missed out rating and reviewing this map - I've long been aware of it and played it a while back. So here goes...

It's a great map. The landmasses are varied and contain numerous chokepoints, especially in the north. There are also a variety of bonuses, so you can go for the big ones or accumulate the little ones. The borders are a little sloppy, but I don't really care about that unless that prevent you from telling what is adjacent to what - which they do not.

The names and regions are a lot of fun. You can look for your favorite characters as you play. You can even argue about which characters/series should have been included or excluded.
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Review by stjacky on 3/22/2016.
not bad
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Review by Josh Bayan on 10/24/2013.
Its just shit, anyone who has a good spawn like in the lord of the rings area instantly wins because of all the resources there.
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