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Unlocks at level 24 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by [中国阳朔]Chaos (all)
Went public on 11/29/2013
Number of ratings: 50
Average rating: 3.6 / 5
613 territories, 134 bonuses, 8 distribution modes


A map designed mainly for FFA and scenario games. Try the '6 Gods' mode and claim HEL to assure victory.
3v3 or larger team games work well too.

Expect to have higher incomes than on most comon maps and battle with large armies.

Survivor mode. Play vs HEL (strong AI) and be the last man standing!
Both 6 and 12 players option. AI should be the last slot. (select "ai resigns if only 1 player remains" as option)

Feel free to design your own scenarios on this map. Avoid random distribution, as the center is more powerful.

GL and HF



Review by Zegur on 12/3/2013.
Thanks for this nice map Chaos.

There are so many possibilities for different games, and the map is fun every time.

The only missing links we could find are
Zemot - Icjur
Engerli - Uitslotir
Both are near Freyr.
Response by map creator [中国阳朔]Chaos on 12/6/2013
Thank you. I will fix the missing links.
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Review by Nathan on 12/4/2013.
Great work, Chaos. This is far more than just another gigantic snowflake. The starting areas in both "Go to Hel" scenarios are well thought out and provide different challenges in each case. I also loved that you named all the individual territories and didn't simply go with something like "Northwest Rim 5" or "Center Ring 2". I would love to see a list somewhere of what each of the names signifies.
Response by map creator [中国阳朔]Chaos on 12/6/2013
Thanks Nathan.
Many names are from Norse Mythology, but I had to add random ones too, there are far too many territories.
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Review by INSIDE on 1/17/2014.
pretty nice map, seems to be a bug between engerli and uitslotir though...
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Review by Jiror on 12/19/2013.
Some ways arent working making for anoying surprises where you cant go even though a green line connects the 2. but still a good map. 5/5 for a fun design, 1/5 the mistakes lands an average of 3/5
Response by map creator [中国阳朔]Chaos on 1/3/2014
Sorry about the missing links, I used green lines which made it very hard to check for missing links.
Please note which connections are missing so maps can be fixed and updated.

Uploading v1.1 now, which fixed the 2 mentioned by Zegur.
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Review by melwei [PG] on 8/15/2015.
Really nice map!
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Review by Andalorium on 12/7/2016.
Interesting map the small epicenters all over the map made for obvious build points, but it is not always easy to control them.
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