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Created by Doushibag (all)
Went public on 6/2/2009
Number of ratings: 72
Average rating: 3.1666 / 5
69 territories, 20 bonuses, 3 distribution modes


Review by Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 on 8/5/2013.
decent map that no one seems to play anymore
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Review by Andalorium on 3/17/2012.
not always the easiest map but fun creative and i like the negative bonuses if not controlling all areas makes for different strategies
Response by map creator Doushibag on 4/1/2012
What exactly do you mean when you say 'not always the easiest map'? If you could elaborate on that. Thanks for the feedback!
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Review by Nathan on 6/15/2017.
As one of Warlight's earliest maps, I am impressed by the balance and flow of this map. Sure, there are some dead ends and no-bonus value territories, but it still plays very well.
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