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Friendly Competition
Competition is part of our human nature, we are all inherently competitive in different ways as a means for survival. It can be seen in numerous ways throughout everyday life, games in particular. For example, various sporting events, board games, word games, and even online games. As a whole, competition only makes sense when there is more than one player and someone to challenge. When interacting with another player it creates a sense of urgency, a player might think about his moves a little longer before committing or take careful action in deciding what to do.

Challenge Friends, Win Money
When money is involved it adds a sense of excitement and suddenly the player’s competitive side will come out in full force because he wants to win. Whether he wants the money or simply the bragging rights, people who play games play to win. In having the opportunity to challenge friends, a player can carefully choose who he wants his opponent to be, possibly having multiple opponents at the same time to up his chances of winning. When playing against a real person as opposed to a computer generated opponent, it makes the game seem more realistic and winning more obtainable. It is also a way for people to socialize with each other and there is the potential for new friendships to form over common interests. This game can be played by up to forty people at a time, making it incredibly exciting and constantly changing.

Win Real Money
Some people may think that winning real money sounds too good to be true, but not in this case. Unlike many of the other games on the market right now, the player does not simply input money solely for more lives or extra time. The player does have to initially contribute to the game but once he decides to play for coins then he is able to turn those coins into money. When a player decides to play for money it could change the way he views the game, it might create a more serious atmosphere depending on the amount of money. It could also make it seem more worthwhile to be spending time playing a game if there is money to be made from it.

Putting Skills to Work
If a player is passionate about the game he will obviously spend a great amount of time perfecting his strategy and ensuring he knows the best way to beat his opponent. If he is exerting this much energy to beat his opponent, winning the game and receiving real money as a prize would be an added bonus. There is real potential to win money simply by playing a game that is fun and challenging, yet enjoyable. Since it is a skill based game, it is up to the player to strategize and carefully come up with a plan to conquer his opponent. It isn’t based on who is dealt a better hand, rather, on who is a better player. In challenging friends players are also challenging themselves, learning the best ways to go about the game and figuring out how to win.

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