Update 3.11.0: 3v3 ladder, custom coin games

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.11.0! This blog post describes what’s changed. I hope you’ll also join me in my twitch.tv broadcast this Sunday at 11am where we’ll be talking through these changes in detail, and I’ll be answering your questions!

3v3 Ladder

WarLight now has a 3v3 ladder! WarLight now has five ladders: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, real-time, and the seasonal. This ladder takes place on the Europe map, has no cards, and 4 picks per player. You can see the full template here.

The 3v3 ladder works just like the 2v2 ladder in most ways: players form into a team, and join the ladder as a team. You have to complete 10 games to get a rank, and it’s ranked using the Bayeselo algorithm.

The ladder is available to all members and anyone over level 54. As part of adding this ladder, a few of the level rewards were shifted around to make room for it.

Custom Coin Games

It’s now possible to create 1v1 coin games with any pure-skill settings! No longer are players limited to our list of pre-defined coin templates. Just visit the new Create Custom Coin Game page and you can select any of your templates, as long as the template used is pure-skill (no luck involved, as luck cannot be used in coin games for legal reasons).

You can create a challenge against a specific player, or against an open seat in which case your game will be advertised in the Promoted Games section of the multi-player dashboard.

Note the following:

– Open Seat Prerequisites and your blacklist will not be honored as they would be in normal open games.
– As part of this change, we’ve further refined the definition of pure-skill. Games on certain maps, like the Duel map and lottery maps, will never be considered pure-skill. Also games with extreme overridden bonuses won’t be considered pure-skill.
– If your game doesn’t fill, you can delete it and get all your coins back.
– You can pick any entry fee of 50 coins or higher. The prize will be calculated based on this, just as in other coin games, as EntryFee times 1.8.
– The creator also pays a creation fee of 1% of the prize. For example, a game with a 100 coin prize would cost 1 coin to create in addition to the normal entry fee.

History UI Improvements

When browsing history, there is now a “game start” turn that shows the initial state of the game without orders displayed. This allows for viewing picks in a game, then using the “next turn” button to see the results of the picks, then “next turn” again to see the arrows appear on the first turn.

Similarly, there is also now a “Current” turn at the end that shows what you’d see if you exited history. When viewing a finished game, this means that you can see the final state of the game conveniently.

Further, the players summary section in the bottom right has been improved so that it always shows the player’s incomes, even when viewing the end of a game.

Setting Changes

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to change the default move order from No-Luck Cyclic to just plain Cyclic. No-luck cyclic is a necessary setting for coin games, but we feel it doesn’t make sense to be the default for all new games.

Strategic 1v1 and 2v2 templates have been changed to remove most luck from them. They now use 0% luck, straight round, cyclic move order. This is part of the trend of removing luck from WarLight. You can read more about the reasoning behind this here.

The map on the Strategic 1v1 template was also changed from Medium Earth to Modified Medium Earth. The only difference between these maps is that there is one fewer territory in Eastern Russia and Eastern United States. Even though there are two fewer territories on the map, the map actually ends up feeling bigger since it brings more use to areas of the map that were rarely used before.

Other Changes

– When switching perspective in history, it will no longer highlight the entire turn unless the turn was already highlighted.
– The map no longer moves when multiple orders are selected in the orders window. This prevents the map from zooming/panning around while using the “next-turn” button in history.
– Added a “Discard all” button that appears when you have at least 10 copies of the same card.
– When picking territories, players will never be required to pick more than 10 to commit. Previously the game required players to pick as many territories as they would receive when the game starts.
– In real-time games with banking boot time, the clock in the upper right now says “Turn” instead of “Base”
– The Open Games page now always pins the 1v1 auto games to the top.
– Added a “Next game” button to the lobby, much like the Next game button that appears after completing a turn if you have unplayed multi-day games.
– Fixed a bug that caused some coin tournament games to not be recognized as coin games when awarding points.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error in history if you switched perspective while animations were playing.
– Fixed a bug on the Past Games page that caused old games to sort incorrectly when using the “Date Ended” sort.
– Fixed a bug that caused single/double elimination tournaments to render incorrectly in Safari.
– Fixed some bugs in the experimental socket support.
– Fixed a bug when rendering double-elimination tournaments that caused the players in the first championship games to be displayed reversed.

Update 3.10.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.10.1! This is a small update to address a few bugs and concerns from the previous update. This blog post contains a summary of what’s changed.

New Open Games page

To address the concerns of some players, WarLight now has a brand new Open Games page, accessible at warlight.net/MultiPlayer/OpenGames. It’s also linked from the multi-player dashboard.

One of the complaints from the previous release is that the open games section is hard to browse. This new page lists all open games in an un-cluttered view, and also does not require clicking the “show more” link to see all open games.

This also makes refreshing much easier, since you can easily use your browser’s refresh button on this page to refresh the games list, unlike the multi-player dashboard which requires refreshing, clicking “show more”, and finding your place in the list again.

Further, joining auto-games from both this new page and the multi-player dashboard now works more reliably. Prior to this update, if you clicked on an auto-game that had started in between the time when you loaded the page and when you clicked, you would have just been thrown into spectator mode on the game that already began. Now, it will instead take you to the replacement auto-game so you can actually join it.

Other Changes

– Added a page that allows exporting the first round of a single-elimination tournament to Challonge. This is intended for live-streamers who wish to mimic the tournament on Challonge. If you’re a livestreamer, you should bookmark this page: WarLight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournaments/ChallongeExport
– Twitch streams should no longer need “WarLight” in their stream title to appear on WarLight.net.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error in history if you tried to advance past the end of the game with the Next Order button.
– Fixed a bug that caused Flash to freeze if switching to a player’s perspective and then tried to view a game’s picks.
– Fixed a bug that caused email notifications for mail threads to not be sent.
– Fixed a bug that caused tournaments to stall if all players in a single game were autobooted.

Update 3.10: Twitch.tv integration, history overhaul

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.10.0! This blog post describes what’s changed.

Twitch.tv integration

Whenever someone is streaming WarLight on twitch.tv, a link to their stream will automatically be advertised at the top of WarLight’s website (just to the right of the Help button.) If you see a stream advertised here, drop on in and say hi!

To kick off the feature, I will be doing an AMA (ask-me-anything) stream where I field your questions. After that, TheWarLightMaster is hosting a live-streamed tournament.

If you’re interested in streaming WarLight on Twitch and want your stream advertised here, just make sure you enter the game exactly as “WarLight” and also make sure that the “Inappropriate for younger audiences” check-box is not checked. (Edit: For now, also add ” – WarLight” to the end of your stream name. Twitch’s search seems a little finicky. This requirement should be removed in a future update.) It should appear within a few minutes.

History Overhaul

The UI behind the History feature has been overhauled! When viewing history, the UI now is embedded in the left side of the screen instead of in a pop-up window so that it never obscures the map.

It also now selects all orders by default so you can more easily see what occurred on a turn. This makes it easier to click through a game and see what occurred at a glance rather than clicking through orders individually.

When viewing the history of a finished game with fog, you can now view the game from a fogged perspective of a single player. Simply select a player’s name from the list, and you’ll see only the territories they could see at that point in the game.

When playing history, orders are now concealed until they are played much like they are when watching a new turn. This helps avoid spoilers from appearing in the orders list during live-streams.

Recent Games Page

The new Recent Games page, located under the Community tab, lets members see games by any players that were completed in the last 24 hours. One goal of this page is for live-streamers that want to look for interesting games to find and review.

The page has an algorithm to try and rank how interesting games are. For example, it ranks games with high ladder ranks more highly than games without, coin/tournament/ladder games higher, and lottery games lower.

In-progress real-time games now always show up in the My Games section

If you change your My Games filter away from the default, you may notice that in-progress real-time games always show up, even if they don’t match the filter. This should help players who play a mix of multi-day and real-time games, as it makes it easier to find the real-time games you’re in without having to switch back to the default filter.

Other Changes

– The Past Games page now sorts by the date the game ended.
– Your templates are now sorted by how recently you used them to create a multi-player game.
– The ability to override bonuses has been moved to a high level, and some level rewards were re-arranged to make room for it.
– The bomb card now shows a faded “Bomb” over the territory, like the abandon and blockade cards do.
– Ads are automatically disabled when purchasing a membership instead of requiring users to uncheck a box.
– Live-streamers can now create open tournaments for free for the use of live-streaming. Visit https://www.warlight.net/RequestLivestreamPermission to request this.
– Removed links to the old My Games and Open Games pages. They can still be accessed by url for now: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?MyGames=1 https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?OpenGames=1

Update 3.9: Bomb card, sockets

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.09.0! This update makes the Bomb Card available to members, and adds an experimental sockets feature.

Bomb Card

The Bomb Card can now be used in general games by members!

The Bomb Card allows you to target an enemy or neutral territory and kill half of the armies on that territory. You can target any territory that’s adjacent to one of your own territories.

If the number of armies is odd, the remaining armies on the territory will round down. So targeting a territory with 5 armies will leave 2, and targeting a territory with 1 army will leave 0. The Bomb Card does not change the ownership of the territory, even when reducing it to 0. Bombs take place after deployments, but before attacks (and also before abandons/airlifts).

Since it kills half of the armies on a territory, it’s most effective when your opponent builds a single large stack of armies. Therefore, when your opponent has a Bomb Card, you should try to keep your armies into separate smaller stacks when possible to reduce its effectiveness. This can have a big impact on a game’s strategy!

If you’re a member, you can create games with the bomb card immediately!

Sockets (experimental)

WarLight now offers an experimental feature to speed up the refresh speed of games.

First, let’s review how games refresh today. While in a game, you can click the Menu button to reveal a Refresh button. Below this refresh button, there’s a green bar that fills up. Once it fills up, the button is silently clicked and your client asks the server if anything has changed in that game. Because of this, there can be a 5-20 second delay between when something happens in a game and when it appears in your browser (such as the game advancing to the next turn, someone chatting, or committing orders.)

In this update, we’ve added the ability to create a two-way link between your client and the server. Whenever something happens in a game, the server will actually tell your client about what happened, so it appears on your screen immediately. This completely eliminates the delay, and also eliminates the need to click the Refresh button manually.

To enable sockets, check the box on this page: https://www.warlight.net/ChangeSockets. Let me know if it works for you or not!

Update 3.8.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.08.1! This is a small update which makes a few enhancements and fixes a few bugs. Here’s what’s changed:

– The “defeat a player of level X” achievements have been extended. You can now get achievements for defeating a player of levels up to 63 (previously, they stopped at 52).
– Player’s profiles now show the percentage of achievements they have unlocked. This percent just counts achievements, not trophies (you can get to 100% without any trophies).
– When customizing settings, there’s now a “Pure Skill” tab that makes it easier to design settings that WarLight considers pure skill.
– The real-time ladder now gives 8 minutes of banked time instead of 5, to make up for the lobby no longer being present.
– The map-of-the-week auto game now uses more lengthy boot times.
– The Create Coin Game page now displays links to existing coin auto games.
– Added coin balance as dollars in parenthesis next to it.
– Fixed a bug in games with banking boot times that made that made the auto-booter not boot a player when another player was auto-booted earlier that same turn.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes considered single-player levels won after 0 turns.
– Fixed a bug in the display of the “First turn speed” column of the Players menu. It was adding an extra 0 after the decimal, for example it listed 3.4 seconds at 3.04.
– Fixed a bug that made the rematch button error out with “Invalid teams” if used on a team game where someone declined.
– Fixed a bug with tournament chat timestamps that that made it apply your timezone offset twice, causing the times to appear incorrectly.

Update 3.8: Bomb card

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.08.0! This update adds the Bomb Card to coin games, and adds the ability to play coin games at low-wagers.

Bomb Card

For the first time since 2010, WarLight now has a new card!

The Bomb Card allows you to target an enemy or neutral territory and kill half of the armies on that territory. You can target any territory that’s adjacent to one of your own territories.

If the number of armies is odd, the remaining armies on the territory will round down. So targeting a territory with 5 armies will leave 2, and targeting a territory with 1 army will leave 0. The Bomb Card does not change the ownership of the territory, even when reducing it to 0. Bombs take place after deployments, but before attacks (and also before abandons/airlifts).

Since it kills half of the armies on a territory, it’s most effective when your opponent builds a single large stack of armies. Therefore, when your opponent has a Bomb Card, you should try to keep your armies into separate smaller stacks when possible to reduce its effectiveness. This can have a big impact on a game’s strategy!

The Bomb Card is initially available in coin games, but in a future update it will become available for members to use in all games. Check it out today, in either the Small Earth 1v1 coin game, the Earth 1v1 coin game, or the Four Castles FFA coin game!

Show Armies Killed without Analyze

In no-luck games, the attack/transfer dialog now shows how many armies will be killed:

This allows you to easily drag the slider up and down to more easily determine how many armies to attack with, without having to keep checking Analyze.

5 and 10 coin games

For those who want to experiment with coin games, but at a lower amount, WarLight now offers coin games that only cost 5 to 10 coins to join! These games can be found on the Coins tab, or under the Promoted Games section of the multi-player dashboard. These games are only available to players who hold a coin balance of 1,000 or fewer coins.

No more lobby for Ladders and Tournaments

It’s no longer necessary to click Join Game for ladder or tournament games unless you must choose a color. Games where all player’s colors (or alternate colors) are available will just skip the lobby completely.

Misc Changes

– The “Fast” boot option for multi-day games now means 1 day 10 hours (34 hours) instead of 25 hours.
– Updated the minimum version of Flash required to 11.1.
– The “show more promoted games” link has been replaced with a horizontal listing of the templates available. You can click to expand each template.
– If you join an open tournament, it will now state next to it that you have joined it in the Open Tournaments section.
– Added member icons on the leaderboard and tournament players tab.
– In tournament chat, moved the tooltip that displays the message sent date from the message text to just the name of the chatting player.
– Fixed a bug that allowed scenario distributions to be considered pure skill templates, even when they were not evenly matched.
– Fixed a bug that caused the “territory limit” setting to be hidden in games that use custom scenarios.
– Fixed a bug that caused open tournaments to show “Unread chat” immediately after you joined, even if you had read the chat.
– Fixed a bug that allowed you to close the “Begin” dialog with escape.

10-Second WarLight Games

I just started a Youtube series called 10-Second WarLight games. The idea is to take an entire WarLight game, full of alliances, truces, betrayal and deceit, and condense it down to a 10-second video for your viewing pleasure.

Here are some examples:

Check out all of the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYVtCzKbwqpCCf4I1gfw1Gw/videos.

Which one is your favorite? Be sure to like the ones that are good, so they bubble to the top! More are coming — you can also subscribe if you want notifications when new ones are added.

Update 3.7.2: Small update

WarLight was just updated to version 3.07.2! This update improves tournaments a bit more and fixes a few bugs.

Free Public Tournament Creation

It’s now possible to create a public tournament for free when the Open Tournaments list is empty.

The idea behind this is that there should always be at least one tournament available for joining. Instead of creating an auto-tournament like we do for open games, we decided instead to essentially allow the community to create the auto tournament for us. This is better since an auto tournament would have the same settings every time and quickly get boring, whereas the community is great at coming up with new and interesting settings.

You can do this any time the Open Tournaments section is empty. Simply click Create Tournament, Public Tournament, Single Elimination, and note the new option that appears labelled “Entry Fee and Prize, Free to Create”. This will only show up when there are no open tournaments.

Tournaments created with this mode may use any pure-skill settings, must be single-elimination and cannot involve more than 32 players.

Other Changes

– Tournament games now show an icon on the multi-player dashboard that links to the tournament.
– Coin tournament games now show their names in yellow and with a coin icon on the multi-player dashboard.
– Creating real-time tournaments now gives the creator a recommended minimum start date.
– Fixed a bug that made blacklisted players sometimes not show a “B” on the Open Games section of the multi-player dashboard.
– Fixed a bug that made the force-join button appear too early in games with boot times less than 5 minutes.

Update 3.7.1: Small update

WarLight has just been updated to version 3.07.1! This update overhauls the cost of coin tournaments and makes a bunch of other small improvements to the site.

Coin Tournament Cost

Based on your feedback, we are changing the cost structure of coin tournaments. The new cost system is much simpler, and causes a drastic reduction in the cost to create large/expensive tournaments.

Here is a table that defines the basic cost structure now for a single-elimination tournament:

Players Entry fee Creation cost Prizes
8 50 110 408
16 40 150 632
32 35 250 1096
64 20 350 1304
128 12 500 1628
256 8 600 2118

Creators also have the option to make their tournament more lucrative by increasing the entry fee by any amount up to 50 coins. Unlike before, this won’t increase the creation cost — they stay fixed.

Other Changes

– Force join time is now never shorter than 5 minutes. This means if you play in a ladder or tournament that uses boot times shorter than 5 minutes, such as the real-time ladder, you won’t be able to be force-joined until the game has existed for 5 minutes.
– Increased the tournament invite limits from 8 times the number of players maxing at 1000, to 13 times the number of players maxing at 2000.
– Off-topic forum posts are no longer shown on the multi-player dashboard.
– Renamed the “Dashboard” page to simply Community, since it’s the default page you see when you click Community. This avoids it being confused with the multi-player dashboard.
– Renamed the single-player main menu page to Level Select.
– The coin leaderboard now goes dark for the final 48 hours instead of the final 24.
– Tournaments now show who created them on the My Tournaments page.
– The cost to create a tournament is now repeated on the final step.
– All players must now validate their email address after reaching level 10.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Manage Friends List page to time out.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Open Tournaments section to show a “+ show more” link when there were no more.
– Fixed a bug that made real-time tournaments advertise their start date incorrectly.
– Fixed a bug that made inviting to a tournament by clan show players who had been invited to that clan but not accepted.
– Fixed a bug that made the footer overlap the content on the clan forum page.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if entering a non-integer into the bulk remove friends tool.

Please let us know what you think!

April fools!

Yesterday, visitors to WarLight.net may have seen some phantom chat messages appear in their games. There were ten messages that could have appeared:

  • Have you heard about the Nuke Card?
  • Have you heard about the Time Travel Card coming in the next update?
  • Why did you start in that spot, I would have started on the other side.
  • Did you hear that?
  • Which do you like more, the nuke or time travel card?
  • What is your favorite map?
  • Huh, Why not?
  • I think green or blue was the one! *wink*
  • What are you thinking about right now?
  • Another day, another game. How about you?

A message would only appear when a game was first loaded, only 25% of the time, and only if there was not any other pending chat in that game. A random message from the list above was chosen. When a message appeared, it only appeared on your local computer — nobody else could see it, and if you refreshed your browser it would not appear again.

Now that April 1st is over, the phantom messages will no longer appear. All messages you see are real messages that were typed by a person.

Happy April fools!