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Clan: Outlaws

Number of members: 28
Tagline: Fail to prepare , Prepare to Fail
Created: 7/17/2016

Bio: Our philosophy as a clan is simple, we encourage clean and fair play from our members in every aspect of WarLight under a lively active community with a very pleasant environment to improve and compete at a very high level.

We are a group of players who enjoys WarLight and addicted to improvement within our strategic play and getting involved in the best the clan community can offer! (Clan League)

Clan League is the main competition the clan takes part in and we encourage our members to take part in! Currently we are looking for players to help us compete in Division A of Clan League.

We are currently holding numerous tournaments mainly due to CL9 coming up. As well as this! We have our first season
Of P/R league nearly complete and we have our exclusive belt going on!

DOLT is a regular tournament series held by our clan , We try to do it on weird templates but we seemingly fail. Our current tournament is on Treasure Map!
If you feel you meet our standards and want to join Outlaws please mail Platinum.

Clan Member Title
Krzysztof Sneeze
davidhmtk David Bowie
Nynwhen The complete German
J0twe Jaws
Clint-west-wood Mr Clogs
Rikku Lil Anglo Girl
Edge Microsoft
Njord Dane #8
Bonsai Little tree
Widzisz • apex Europe
Kezzo Shizzo
Hello Hooooooi en Doeiiiii
Odin Rabid goat
Doron Hoh Mini roll
carlos12.0 Mexican Spice
Facetroll Virtual Reality
TheRiverStyxie Your face
Platinum Cutie Platatoe
MarkusBM The Pink
aoc Bratwurst
Domass Tinder
Apollo Official Mascot
Dogberry Obnoxious Texan
Soul Survivor Newbie
tekzen Mickey Mouse
Severus Snape Patronus
Strategy Wizard

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