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Feedback is very helpful for making WarLight into a great game. Many of WarLight's features came from community feedback.

[edit] Your vote counts

WarLight uses a UserVoice forum to track feature additions or changes. There, players can vote on which features they'd most like to see added to WarLight.

Here's how it works: Everyone gets 10 votes. You can vote for features that you would like to see added to WarLight. So you can vote for 10 different features, or you can put multiple votes into a single feature if you really care about that feature. (Up to a max of 3 votes per feature)

You can take your votes back or move them around at any time. If a feature gets implemented, you also get your votes back and can put them towards something else.

IMPORTANT: You must use the same e-mail address on that you use on This is how the site knows you're the same person. If you use a different e-mail address, your votes will not be counted. This also means that if you change your WarLight e-mail address, you should also change your UserVoice e-mail.

[edit] Criteria for a new feature

While it would be great to implement every feature suggested, this simply isn't possible. There's no magic number of votes that a feature needs to get accepted; the point of voting is to see which features are most in-demand. This is also important to avoid design-by-committee syndrome, since sometimes trying to please everyone ends up pleasing no one.

Features are typically judged based on these criteria:

  • How good of a fit the feature is for WarLight's theme and direction.
  • How much effort the feature takes to implement and maintain.
  • How many votes the feature gets (i.e. how in-demand it is).
  • Additionally, sometimes a feature can get implemented just because it happens to fall into an area of code that is being worked on for something else.

[edit] UserVoice Multi-Ideas

A single idea on the UserVoice forum should generally contain a single idea/feature/improvement. Sometimes players create an idea that mentions multiple features. Doing this is not disallowed, however, it is risky, and may not get you what you want. A good example is the Tournament Overhaul idea, which calls for many features to be added to tornaments.

The advantage of creating a single idea with multiple features is that it appears more attractive to other voters. If any one of your features appeals to a player, they're likely to vote on it, and therefore you're likely to get more votes.

The problem comes when one or some of the features is implemented, but not all. After this is done, there's three options:

  1. Leave the idea as it is on UserVoice.
  2. Edit the idea to remove the features implemented, leaving the ones not implemented.
  3. Close the idea as Complete, even though some parts of it weren't implemented.

Number 1 clearly isn't a good option, as it would leave features up for voting that are completed.

Simply editing the idea isn't really appropriate either, since we don't know which of the features that the voters voted for. If most of them voted for the feature that was implemented, it doesn't make sense to carry their votes over to the rest of the features, as this would misrepresent their intentions and not give them their votes back.

Therefore, these ideas will just be closed as completed if any part of them is implemented. After this is done, everyone who voted for them will get their votes back. If the voters still desire a part of the idea that was not implemented, they can create a new idea specific to that part, and put their freshly acquired votes into that one one.

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