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By earning points, players can gain levels. Gaining levels unlocks additional features or maps that players can use, among other things.


[edit] Levels don't make you stronger

The idea of leveling up is familiar to anyone who's played an RPG. However, WarLight’s leveling system has an important distinction: In WarLight, levels don’t actually make you stronger. WarLight is fundamentally a competitive strategy game, and games will always be won or lost based on your strategy alone. Levels will not do anything that gives you an advantage in a game. It’s just as easy for a level 1 player to defeat a level 30 player as it is for a level 40 player.

[edit] Rewards

Leveling up unlocks rewards. Once a reward is unlocked, you have it permanently.

[edit] Levels 2-5

The rewards for levels 2-5 vary depending on if you're playing on Kongregate.com versus the main WarLight (warlight.net / iOS / Android).

The Kongregate rewards are:

Level Points (Sum) Kongregate.com main reward Warlight main reward
2 7,000 Can create 4 player games Can create 6 player games
3 14,300 Can create 5 player games Can join tournaments
4 22,100 Can create 6 player games Can post to the forums (all except Ladder)
5 30,200 Can join tournaments Three days of ad-free play

[edit] Levels 6+

Level Points (Sum) Main reward
6 38,800 Can create 7 player games
7 47,900 Can use the Statistics Window
8 57,400 Can include the Diplomacy Card when creating games
9 67,400 Can create 8 player games
10 77,900 Can include the Emergency Blockade Card when creating games
11 89,000 Can use Open Seat Prerequisites when creating games
12 100,700 Can create 10 player games
13 113,000 Can create up to one tournament at a time
14 125,900 Can include the Airlift Card when creating games
15 139,500 Can create 12 player games
16 153,800 Can use up to one vacation per year
17 168,900 Can include the Sanctions Card when creating games
18 184,800 Can create 14 player games
19 201,500 Can use the extra armies for territories setting when creating games
20 219,100 Can change the offensive and defensive kill rate when creating games
21 237,600 Can create 16 player games
22 257,000 Can create up to two tournaments at a time
23 277,500 Can include the spy card, surveillance card, and reconnaissance card when creating games
24 299,100 Can create 18 player games
25 321,800 Can include wastelands when creating games
26 345,700 Can enable the attack only and transfer only settings when creating games
27 370,800 Can create 20 player games
28 397,200 Can include the blockade card when creating games
29 425,100 Can take up to 3 vacations per year
30 454,400 Can create 22 player games
31 485,200 Can enable the local deployments setting when creating games
32 517,700 Can create up to three tournaments at a time
33 551,900 Can create 24 player games
34 587,800 Can use Dense, Heavy, and Complete fog levels
35 625,700 Can include the gift card when creating games
36 665,500 Can create 26 player games
37 707,400 Can enable multi-attack and attack by percentage settings when creating games
38 751,600 Can create up to four tournaments at a time
39 798,000 Can create 28 player games
40 846,900 Can enable no-split mode when creating games
41 898,300 Can include the order priority card and order delay card when creating games
42 952,400 Can create 30 player games
43 1,009,400 Can join the Real-Time Ladder and post to the Ladder forum
44 1,069,400 Can create up to five tournaments at a time
45 1,132,500 Can override bonuses when creating games
46 1,198,900 Can create 33 player games
47 1,268,800 Can use custom scenarios when creating multi-player games
48 1,342,400 Can join the 1 v 1 Ladder
49 1,419,800 Can take up to 5 vacations per year
50 1,501,300 Can create 36 player games
51 1,587,100 Can join the 2 v 2 Ladder
52 1,677,400 Can join the Seasonal Ladder
53 1,772,400 Can create 40 player games
54 1,872,400 Can join the 3 v 3 Ladder
55 2,092,800 -
56 2,571,800 -
57 3,402,400 -
58 4,710,900 -
59 6,668,800 -
60 9,509,500 -
61 13,549,800 -
62 19,220,700 -
63 27,107,600 -
64 38,006,500 -
65 52,998,900 -
66 73,554,900 -
67 101,672,700 -
68 140,067,600 -

[edit] Map Levels

By gaining levels, players can gain access to additional maps. Players only need access to a map in order to create games or tournaments on that map. If they are invited to a game or tournament, they can always join it no matter what level they are.

Map creators are in full control of what level their maps unlock. As a map creator, you can log into your map at any time, click the "Edit Name/Description" button and set the level. You can do this even after it's public. If you want your map available to everyone regardless of their level, you can just set your map to level 1 and everyone will be able to use it.

The advantage of setting a level to your map is increased visibility. For example, if you set your map to level 10, whenever someone levels up to 10 it'll pop up a message on their screen letting them know they've unlocked your map. For best visibility, you should try to set your map to a level that has few other maps assigned to it (or at least, where your map is rated more highly than the others at that level.)

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