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The standalone client is a version of WarLight that contains the single-player portion of the game packaged as its own Flash file. It's called standalone since it does not integrate with the website, however it does provide links back to

You can see it on Kongregate via this link.

[edit] Contents

The standalone client contains the six built-in levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Europe Challenge, Crazy Challenge and Insane Challenge) as well as the ability to create custom games using any WarLight feature. This makes it very similar to the Single Player tab on

[edit] Differences

There are a few minor differences between the single-player tab on and the standalone client.

Although the levels themselves are identical, they are made slightly easier in two ways:

  1. In the standalone client, it's possible to freely save and load your games and still have the wins count. On, wins only count if auto-save is enabled, which ensures players must play the level in a single play-through without re-loading.
  2. In the standalone client, gold stars are much easier to achieve.
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