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This page shows what's been going on in the WarLight community lately.

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Islands by Murry Wallace
Divided States Post-Disaster by Beardon
Arrows show the change in rank from one week ago

1 v 1 Ladder: Recent Games

Game Link Date
Brénainn defeated konglaide 12431950 3 minutes ago
shyb defeated King_of_da_apes 12458772 24 minutes ago
Milly defeated dunga • apex 12447425 32 minutes ago
Sebus Maximus defeated {{NeRo}} 12441753 54 minutes ago
CodeMonkey defeated GreenUnicorn 12459568 1 hour ago
Karstark defeated John Smith 12436467 1 hour ago
[GER]Warlord defeated Odabasz Kapitány 12440293 1 hour ago
Drackoe defeated Robert E Lee 12417984 1 hour ago
Wiredawg defeated bobbob7 12448125 1 hour ago
adiba defeated 독일남자(Rob) 12434014 2 hours ago
Arrows show the change in rank from one week ago

Seasonal Ladder (Season XXVI): Recent Games

Game Link Date
JV defeated Matt431 12352917 42 minutes ago
Buns157 defeated Scrooge McDuck 12392529 56 minutes ago
Wini defeated Tof 12352919 1 hour ago
Njord defeated Master of the Dead 12429740 1 hour ago
TacticalGriffin defeated Mikele 12392604 1 hour ago
jhappydaddy defeated ViliKwaKwa 12429841 3 hours ago
Phoenix [PG] defeated snyang91 12448737 3 hours ago
Hasdrubal defeated Dummy 12261787 3 hours ago
MightySpeck (a Koala) defeated Mikele 12448723 4 hours ago
[FCC] Aura Guardian defeated Cluster 12442275 5 hours ago

Real-Time Ladder: Rankings

Rank Name Rating
1 Buns157 2079
2 Ollie 2004
3 timon92 2000
4 Belzebù - サタン 1929
5 PanagiotisTheGreekFreak 1929
6 Alecto 1856
8 Arkanton 1826
9 Turkish 1819
10 fireice82 1807
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Arrows show the change in rank from one week ago

Real-Time Ladder: Recent Games

Game Link Date
schubbei defeated Tac(ky)tical 12463823 14 minutes ago
Tac(ky)tical defeated zarathoustra 12463679 47 minutes ago
homosovieticus defeated Tjoex 12463570 1 hour ago
Tac(ky)tical defeated Mirage 12463532 1 hour ago
culpa defeated alex.RU_61 12462827 5 hours ago
schubbei defeated alex.RU_61 12462718 5 hours ago
Semicedevine defeated BADA 12462290 8 hours ago
[FCC] Aura Guardian defeated Narajin 12462205 8 hours ago
Narajin defeated The Joey 12461683 11 hours ago
zarathoustra defeated Vanellope von Schweetz 12461761 11 hours ago
Arrows show the change in rank from one week ago

3 v 3 Ladder: Recent Games

Game Link Date
Smallville, Rodrigo Ragabash, and Troll Armydefeated Wartortle, The Defiler, and Master Turtle
12332031 1 hour ago
Redthing, Pink, and BaronSengirdefeated John Smith, Drakesey, and Ameter
12367495 2 hours ago
Wazz, Phaeril, and Alectodefeated lawm, Samantha, and biggreen15
12422628 2 hours ago
Demo I, johnmd20, and Jefdefeated eedson, deuceswild130, and AlexB
12364061 9 hours ago
Timinator, Sephiroth, and Master of the Deaddefeated Caesar, [Coco] K.O.F, and Lord of War
12339858 1 day ago
Math Wolf, Jackie Treehorn, and Math Wolf [2]defeated ACL Tears, Orgasmatron, and Bacon
12175723 1 day ago
Math Wolf, Jackie Treehorn, and Math Wolf [2]defeated max, ebinho007, and Βρασίδας
12187122 1 day ago
(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!!, Cicero XXII, and Gazpachodefeated TheBeast_MD, Spike, and orionaux
12295437 2 days ago
ACL Tears, Orgasmatron, and BacondefeatedEl Diablo, Dom365, and Matt431
12022328 3 days ago
Great Expanse, The Hysterical Koala, and Python's Koaladefeated Tof, Olivix, and edou
12255580 3 days ago

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