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Creepypastas REMADE: 7/30/2015 17:32:44

Level 35
There was a [CENSORED] year old boy who with with friends came to walk to the forest near [CENSORED] , Ohio. He and his friends were unaware it was 2am in the morning and they were lost. the boy tried to call someone there was no reception! :0. at [CENSORED]am they saw 12 pairs of bright white eyes. They all stayed close. A friend checked his phone and it was at 21% battery. It also picked up a extremely faint signal , he called the police. He said we were lost in the forest and we saw weird things! OK coming. That was the only 2 words the police said. At 6am in the morning a hiker found mysteriously 5 dead bodies. And a note saying : The [CENSORED] came for us .

The police done a autopsy on the children and found no signs of any forced death.

the CENSORED parts will be unlocked when you post creepypasta
Creepypastas REMADE: 7/30/2015 20:52:30

Level 35
There was a little boy who liked to go to a library at night to read books. Sometimes he read the encyclopedia, sometimes he read a fantasy novel. But one night, out of his fantasy novel book jumped a monster. He couldn't say what it was, but it was out of this world. The next day the librarian found the boy's corpse lying on the floor. He looked otherwise alright, but his heart didn't beat and his eyes were missing.

To be continued...
Creepypastas REMADE: 7/31/2015 18:18:09

Level 55
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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