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Is Chesterton over rated ?: 8/30/2015 00:23:23

Level 58
Chesterton is a grand critic. He was very different from the critics of its time. He also wrote novellas and theater plays.

I believed he will be as much known as bertrand russell because he is very intellectual. Serious and complicated things will only interested a small set of people. I found they are thounsands and thousands of blogs, forums and sites. Some consider him like a king of some sorts. Did he wrote anything that was a very large success ?

I want to penetrate all high spheres of knowledge and intellectuality. How comes so many simpletons are aware of him ? Chesterton also made a few philosophical essays I believe. Mark Twain is an example of a writer making essays on religion.

Is there any of his books to read at fifty for my ego ? Is there any more important literary "genuis" to be acquitted with ? I am interested in portuguese and may study it. I want to read some books in original language.

Traddutore, traditor.

Chesterton and Russell had a debate together. Chesterton is still a lot more known.

Edited 8/30/2015 00:45:29
Is Chesterton over rated ?: 8/30/2015 01:44:43

Level 58
Chesterton is in the processus of beatification. It is a rank under the saints, miracle or martyr. Article year 2015 in google.
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