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New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:02:34

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Employment Card ,:

This card can disable the effect of local deployment by a variable ammaout of turns

UnEmploymenmt Card :,

Then will affect a nplayer and gives them Local Deployments for a variable ammaout of turns

Card Spy Card :

See what cards your enemy has

Defog Card :

This card can reduce the effects of Fog for a variable ammaout of turns.

Retaliate Card :

This Card can be made only by combing 3 airlift cards or by acheiving a average density per territory over x. The card works by moving several armies to a atrritory that is not adjacent to it

Parachute Card :

This card will affect any enemy territory , landing 100% of the time.

AirGift Card :

This card can workn by giving armies to another players land , even if its a enemy.

Disable Card :

Disable ones ability to use cards

Changes to Existing Card

-Reinforcement card has the gradient of territories to x ratio the user posses

Edited 11/22/2015 18:23:06
New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:14:31

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
All of them are complicated yet Warlight is and wants to keep its simplistic style as long as possible.
New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:16:58

Level 55
Unemployment card sound like it would be exploited in RT games to get boots. For instance if you are heavily losing on a 1-5 minutes game and then play the card you could won by boot. It would be a dick move but people would do it.
New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:18:10

Level 55
@Belgium Gentleman
Yeah the only ones I could see being implemented some time in the future is cardspy
New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:21:58

Level 59
I like the idea of letting airlifts send troops to non-team players. You could use it to prop up a failing buffer state in a FFA, or to add troops to an existing neutral blockade. You would necessarily need to be able to send them to territories that you can't see though. This could be a setting for the current airlift card though rather than a separate card.
New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:22:33

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Added Disable Card
New Cards: 11/22/2015 18:40:55

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Current Feedback

The unemployment card has a major exploit in rt , let's see how fizz solves this

Card Spy has high potentail

AirGift seems more appropriate as a airlift setting rather bthan a actual card
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