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Map design commands: 11/25/2015 14:19:30

Level 48
I want to know which commands there exist, till know i know how to create a simple bonus or how to make a super bonus.
Territory_8 (territory name in svg)
BonusLink_Territory8 (bonussquare name in svg) -> Territory8 (command in warlight)

But i found this map:
and saw that there is 1 more command i need to make 1 more kind of bonuses.
Number 2 grant you 1 bonus army for each 2 of the 14 territorys.
Map design commands: 11/25/2015 17:00:34

Level 30
You can still only make territories and bonus links. That map uses multiple hidden bonus links to create lots of bonuses.
Map design commands: 11/26/2015 15:03:52

Level 48
"That map uses multiple hidden bonus links to create lots of bonuses."

I also thought the same as i saw it first time but then i realized that it cant work so.
If you conquer territory 1-3 of the 14 he made. You would get the bonus of

Territory 1 and Territory 2
Territory 2 and Territory 3
Territory 1 and Territory 3

So you get 3 instead of 1 bonus armies. So it cant work so, he used any other command for this.

Edited 11/26/2015 15:04:34
Map design commands: 11/26/2015 19:09:37

Red Λrmy 
Level 56

I'm not sure i fully understand your initial post. Do you want to make it so that one player can't hold multiple bonuses? And if they do, they'll only receive one of these multiple bonuses? I can help explain how that's done if that's what you're after. But it's still going to use normal bonus links...


You can make "hidden" bonus links?! How do you hide them? I've got over 50 bonuses I'd really like to hide.

EDIT: Not sure if it's allowed, but I found in the SVG i can just pile them on top of each other and put a bonus link I want to be seen on top to cover them all.

Edited 11/26/2015 23:57:07
Map design commands: 11/27/2015 15:33:47

Level 48
Red Army

Why you dont explain how it would work instead of just telling me im wrong.

But i really cant understand how it could work, because you need for each combination 1 bonus link, so it is how i already explained.

If you hold Territory 1 and 3 for example there must be already a bonus of 1 unit for you, so far it would work. But as soon as i get Territory 2 (of 14) also i would hit 3 conditions to get 1 army. Because i get it for holding Territory 1 and 3, Territory 1 and 2, Territory 2 and 3.

Further more how do you get the SVG of Warlight maps?

Edited 11/27/2015 15:34:32
Map design commands: 11/27/2015 16:39:07

Level 48
Today i tryed to make a test with my map and it said i cant upload it because of his size, it has already 5 mb, allowed are just 2. But i have just made 300 territorys, how could others make 2000 without to reach the 2 mb?

I also have no images on the map.

It also said i should simplify the complex objects but i dont know how, are my territorys to complex?

Looks like as it was a mistake to draw the objekts 1 by 1. I expect they meant with bonus border you can cut a big object into several territorys. I think they explained it so bad and wrong that ppl like me dont understand it and lose a lot time for nothing. Things that happen very often on this planet. It is a all lose system.

Edited 11/27/2015 18:00:50
Map design commands: 11/27/2015 22:04:48

Red Λrmy 
Level 56

I didn't say you were wrong--sorry--I just didn't understand. Ok I think you mean the 14 "strategic points" on this map you linked, every two of which will give 1 bonus.

So lets just look at three for now, call them A B and C to not confuse bonus names with the bonus value.
Bonus for AB=1 AC=1 BC=1. To make sure anyone with all 3 pairs doesn't get all 3 bonuses and still only gets 1, you add a negative bonus: ABC=-2

Now anyone with A, B and C will receive: bonuses for ABC, AB, AC, and BC: -2+1+1+1=1 as required.
This is done for every possible trio e.g.. ABD, AFG, BDE, etc. They will all be bonuses of -2

(Put in the numbers, you'll see straight away why. It can get a lot more complex when you're introducing different values though; the negative bonuses will vary a little.)

Now that the trios are done, then you look at every quadruple: ABCD for example. We now have to consider:
The sum of the above is 6(1)+4(-2)=-2. To correct this we introduce a bonus: ABCD=3

Now holding all 4 of A,B,C,D still gives 1. (Again every combination of 4 bonuses will have the same bonus value of 3.) And then it goes on to consider every combination of 5 bonuses, 6,7...13,14, always taking into account the previous combination bonuses you will have created doing the smaller combos first.

And thats how it'd be done, I believe. Normal Territory_# and BonusLink_BonusName used throughout. The higher up you go with the number of bonuses, (so this map included 14,) the exponentially more combinations you'll have to create.

As far as I'm aware, you can't access the SVG of maps uploaded to warlight if you are not the uploader (usually the creator) of the map. I don't think there is any way (through warlight) for the uploader to give you access.

As for your map being near 5MB in size, if you don't have images in the SVG, then it could be over complex territories, but even so that is unusually large considering your map doesn't have that many territories. There probably is something else making it large. Can you send a screenshot maybe? I can't see much but if theres something obvious that's making the file large it wouldn't hurt to look.
Map design commands: 11/28/2015 07:04:55

Level 48
Didnt thought about that you can make negativ bonuses with this commands also.

I drew all territorys 1 by 1, thats why the svg file is too large. They really have to improve their explainations about that, noone told me that the file will be too large if i draw it 1 by 1. And the explaination about how to cut-draw your bonuses were bad, because it wasnt clear what they mean "border your bonuses", "make your bonus border", instead of "draw your territorys".
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