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Lifetime Membership: 1/11/2016 16:54:35

Level 59
If anyone has an account with lifetime Membership they decide not to use anymore, could you donate it to me?

I want to create an auto-host to replace the create-game API so we can improve it. I was going to make an account for this and buy it membership, but seeing as we can now only rent I think this would be cumbersome.

Only give me your account if you 110% never want to use it again, I'll be gutting it and making it a puppet account for my hosting program. It's not ready yet, but I'm asking early about this because an account might not be immediatly available.

The auto-host will (assuming everything works) be used for running player made leagues and ladders, things like that :)

If you have one spare, or are about to quit. Don't post here, just Private Mail me your password and I'll take it from there. Thanks in advance you beautiful people :)
Lifetime Membership: 1/11/2016 19:16:52

Level 60
Reading your text I see you are willing to give Fizzer some more money, in return for a permanent M! Well, if only there was a secret way that someone had posted in one thread someplace.

Here is a totally random link go fish!

Edited 1/11/2016 19:17:49
Lifetime Membership: 1/11/2016 20:02:41

Red Λrmy 
Level 56
lol ;)
Lifetime Membership: 1/11/2016 22:02:33

Level 59
That's awesome, I just wonder if he would "revert" them though? This is Fizz after all :P

Edit: Thanks for this btw, and here is a direct link to that post for future use:

Edited 1/11/2016 22:03:51
Lifetime Membership: 1/12/2016 01:31:58

Level 59
I made one, but apparently even level 1 members can't post in threads! Also I'm going to have to level it up, because it still has restrictions!

Oh well, the fun of life :)

If anyone still has an account they want to donate me I can use it still (I will need more hosting bots for the leagues, as there is a limit to the number of tournaments an account can create!)
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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