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Saved games: 1/16/2016 11:43:50

Level 54
I've been having some issues lately with my saved single player games.
Every now and then all the saved games get deleted and it's not like they were there for like ages allready, some where from the same day.

I have had this issue twice now in less than a week, so I do wonder why this happens.
if someone could explain :)
Saved games: 1/16/2016 11:45:53

Fletcher Renn
Level 33
Well if your using different devices, they get saved to a device, not the server.

If not, it may be something about the flash storage being full, but I don't know much about that so someone could help if it is/
Saved games: 1/16/2016 22:28:19

Level 54
I only play on my pc, so only one device..
So flash storage you say, anyone have an idea what i can do against it?
Is there maybe something alike a max off saved games you can have and if you go over it, you lose the saved games?
Saved games: 1/17/2016 03:45:45

Level 60
As Mr. Renn siad it is saved to the device. That means that if the cache is deleted it would delete your save files too. (This can be something that is automatically done "every now and then") Therefore ask yourself if there's any other browser games that suddenly looses their local saves too?

Examples of things that could case it is the browser itself, privacy settings, antivirus program or a computer storage clean up.

Edited 1/17/2016 03:46:05
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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