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Korean Hangul , Featural alphabet or Syllabary?: 1/20/2016 20:01:49

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Korean Hangul is the writing system used in Korea

The story of Hangul

In 1443 King Sejong , current leader of Korea at the time , knew many ppl in his kingdom were illiterate so he created a langauge to eliminate that.

But it has symbols for 1 letter sounds like English , or sometimes 2 ,like "CH".

The way you organise it is blocking it up , and each character means a syllable so , does that mean Korean is a sylarbar or a Featural alphabet ?

Korean Hangul , Featural alphabet or Syllabary?: 1/20/2016 20:17:27

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
I'm sorry I have no knowledge on this. I suck at linguistics.
Korean Hangul , Featural alphabet or Syllabary?: 1/22/2016 06:39:20

Level 56
He didn't create a language, he created an alphabet.
They are completely different.

It is not separated by syllables. Because there is a single letter for every sound.

Unlike the Japanese Alphabet, where there is no "letter" for the sound "k".
There are "letters" for the sounds "ka", "ke", "ki", "ko", "ku".

In Korean ㅋ is the equivalent to the sound "k."
Each letter of the Korean alphabet does not represent a syllable, it only represents a sound.
Even if it is blocked to make a syllable it does not mean that it's syllablary because the blocks aren't letters.

Japanese characters represent syllables, Korean, Latin, Cyrillic letters represent sounds.

Chinese characters are dumb. They represent whole words. Which means they must memorize who knows how many.
Korean Hangul , Featural alphabet or Syllabary?: 1/22/2016 06:40:45

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
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Edited 1/22/2016 06:41:03
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