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Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 02:32:33

Level 53
map link:
The first time I tried to publish my map, the connections between top and bottom territories were not visible at all, there were no color differences and there was no key. It was rejected.

However, I added a key and color differences, and it was still rejected! I don't know what more they want from me!

Someone, please tell me why what I have now is not acceptable, and how to fix it.

Edited 1/27/2016 02:32:45
Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 07:21:28

Level 58

WarLight Creator
All territory connections must be able to be determined just by looking at the map.

For example, Ice Mountain Mine connects to both Keldagrim Mine Cart Station and Ice Mountain. There's no way someone could know that by looking at the map since they're on completely separate sides of the map.

The key just said "Dwarven entrances are red" but there's no way to know which red territory in the map connects to which red territory at the bottom. You should try adding lines between the territories. Or failing that, at least add letters, like an "A" next to each.
Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 15:42:37

Red Λrmy 
Level 56
The problem in my opinion is that each 'cave' needs to be distinct.

The red for example; it might tell you where to look but there's 3 possibilities for the other end of the cave, you need to hunt for the other entrance and whilst your key tells us where to look, it's not immediately obvious which of the three possible caves is the other end. When you preview the map it's highlighted though only if you're zoomed far enough out, but that won't even be the case when playing it, so it's not as clear as it could be.

Instead try using different colours for each individual cave. One of the red caves is a slightly different shade of red which is a subtle distinction from the others like it. This might be enough but you'd have to ask Fizzer. If it's not you'll need clearly different colours.

Or if you wish to keep the colours the same so people know which section to look in, instead you could make the shapes of the cave's territory different. Example; for your three red caves, make one square, one pentagonal, and one hexagonal in shape, and have the opposite entrance matching. Thus all three are red but remain distinct.

Hope that helps.
Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 17:28:11

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
or diffrent colors and say all yellow territories connect to yellow territories.

(or diffrent shades of the already predetermined color.)

Edited 1/27/2016 17:29:31
Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 19:23:05

Level 53
I have edited the map so the territories in each grouping are a different shape. Is this acceptable?

edit: link works again

Edited 1/27/2016 19:52:44
Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 19:31:04

Level 59
I think if you made the borders of the entrance territories a little thicker it would be easier to see where they are at a glance :)

Edit: I mean like the purple border to "God Wars Dungeon Entrance" 3 or 4 times thicker so it's really bold and stands out, and the same for the others :)

Edited 1/27/2016 19:32:19
Problem with publishing map. Again.: 1/27/2016 19:34:51

Level 53
alright. I will work on the making the borders thicker. Providing that the creation of thicker borders is acceptable, and in conjunction with the new distinction system, will that be enough?
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