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Create your own religion!: 3/16/2016 23:26:52

Level 41

Niqabism is a sort of mix between the values of protestant Christianity and salafist Islam with one of the key components being that Jesus is in fact the son of God, however, following his death and the corruption of the Bible, The Prophet, Muhammad, was contacted by God (Allah in Arabic) and instructed to go about bringing the Bible back to its true state.

The most important rule of Niqabism is that to achieve eternal paradise, one must accept that Jesus is the son of God and Muhammad his Prophet.

Secondary and other rules include:

One must pray exactly at or within 3 hours of sundown towards the direction of Mecca and during sunrise or within 3 hours towards Jerusalem.

In addition to praying towards these cities, one must make a pilgrimage to both within their lifetime or their ashes spread by their children in the cities in order to show a true respect for God.

Women are required to wear a niqab in public that covers everything but their face and a burka during marriage. However, this is not to say it limits women's rights. Niqabist women are allowed to work, drive, teach the same as men. However, serving in the military (in combat situations) is very looked down upon. Married women wear a hijab.

A Niqabist must be open to new ways of life and accepting of all, being ignorant to the outside world is a sin.


1. One must accept Jesus as the son of God and Muhammad as the Prophet.

2 Ignorance is a sin

3. Murder is a sin except in war, however, war must be avoided as much as possible. In addition to this kidnapping, beating, etc are sins as all humans are equal and must be treated as so.

4. The rich must help the poor

5. Women must wear a niqab to preserve purity.

6. Men must protect their wife to the best of their ability and hurting one's wife is the ULTIMATE sin. It is the job of men to protect women and not doing so could result in your being damned to eternal suffering in hell.

7. Beastiality, homosexuality, etc. are sins.

8. One must at one point in their life make a pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem.

9. Prayers must be said at sunrise in the direction of Jerusalem and Mecca at sundown.

10. You must not steal.
Create your own religion!: 3/16/2016 23:28:54

Level 41
Feel free to comment on other people's religions but remember to mention which religion or person the comment is directed at ;)
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 00:17:41

Level 59
Girls asking for attention... so they go to an online strategic risk-clone to make up their own religion, how sad...
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 00:31:24

Level 59
i found your ranting to be blasphamous and disrespectful towards my belief of worshipping the flying spaghetti monster. please remove yourself from the internets.
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 00:34:24

Lolicon love 
Level 56
your religion is heretical in the eyes of the lord. May you burn in hell for eternity.
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 00:53:39

Level 41
First of all, Im not a girl. Secondly. This isn't a real religion, I made it up as the title says and I wanted others to as well
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 01:03:03

Level 56
this doesn't make sense. Mohammed said Jesus wasn't the son of God; how can you think he is and still follow Mohammed?
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 01:28:12

Thomas 633
Level 56
My religion's ten laws:
1. The following nine laws don't mean you can go over to the Fertile Cresent and slaughter a few times, or rape kids, or rape female kids, or be an asshat to black people, or just generally corrupt these rules to your own freaking ends.
2. Don't murder people. Accidentally hitting them with a tree is ok. Read the word accidentally peeps.
3. I want ten percent of your earnings. But only if you are worth over 50 million.
4. Don't steal things. Please. It makes everyone sadder.
5. Be a morally respectable person. It's k to go off your rocket every now and then, but not all the damn time. If you see a homeless guy, give him a couple of bucks. If its a hipster, punch him in the face. Its your moral duty.
6. Don't eat snails. Seriously, WHY FRANCE?
7. If your in a country that isn't but wants to be one, be k with it. WW1 was started cos of that s***. And you don't want to get China mad. They have tanks.
8. Don't molest anyone. Or rule 5 indicates we give you some stylish concrete boots.
9. Don't lie, unless rule 5 says you should. Don't cheat on someone.
10. Don't vote Trump (yup, you knew that was coming.)
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 01:34:34

Level 59
actually Thomas i didnt know that was coming
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 03:45:44

Level 54
My religion has 2 gods...

Lord GabeN and Adolf Stalin...

We praise the steam summer sale and the day when Kristallnacht: The sequel finally comes out on the Red Soviet-Box...
Create your own religion!: 3/17/2016 04:46:42

Level 52

As soon as you convert, kill yourself.

Easiest religion ever.

To join :

Donate $200 to our Charity Fund for French poor scholars

Kill 4 brown people.

Enter public office.

Deliver mail for a month.

And get a girlfriend.

After completing such trials and tribulations, you may convert to KYSism
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