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Fantasy Continent Challenge: 3/20/2016 16:19:47

Fan the Apostle
Level 56

This isn't perfect , you can draw a copy of the map above, as long as it is recognisable to the original.

You are given a map above , it is your task to fill it with nations , add a history and lore , you are given freedom of this Continent of all dimensions (all but don't changing the physical shape of it).

How to Join :

Post below and give an imgur image or whatever. Describe it. (Or PM me with the same parameters as said previously).

When enough submissions are given people can vote for their favs. The maps with the most votes get win and get on the conclusion thread (which will exist later).

Rules :

Don't make your own map , it won't count.

Any questions?
Fantasy Continent Challenge: 3/20/2016 17:09:19

Level 59
ur goin get facepalmed at m8

u couldn't have at least taken the picture at a better angle
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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