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Copy map: 4/9/2016 16:19:45

Master Poof 
Level 41
Hi, I'm an intermediate mapmaker in need of some advice.

I want to copy a map of mine so I can have several variants (that are still vastly different) of it public simultaneously. Sadly that seems to be impossible. Or rather only possible with testing-games. I have considered the following:

1. Remake the map. Although I do not have to recreate the svg, all the territory-connections, names, bonuses and centrepoints will be gone. There are tools for automatically setting centrepoints and making connections, but none (as far as I know) copying bonus-settings and names for territory-numbers. Anyone with programming skills feeling a particular urge to make those tools?

2. Persuade Fizzer. Basically one should be I: able copy a map version to a new map family or II: Capable of playing games on "Outdated" maps. In case II, the mapmaker could simply publish all wanted variants within a few days of each other, and the "Outdated" versions will be different versions of the map.

3. Only easy way. I do not recommend doing this, but it is technically possible to regularly publish whatever map-version the map-maker-and-publisher wants to play on. This will spam fizzer relentlessly and probably get you banned eventually though.

Copy map: 4/9/2016 20:37:27

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 48
you can copy svg but not names and related warlight-side data
Copy map: 4/10/2016 09:52:55

Master Poof 
Level 41
You just repeated me. You added nothing, whatsoever, to the conversation. Congratulations!

Edited 4/10/2016 17:06:44
Copy map: 4/11/2016 14:26:44

zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] 
Level 57
He told you exactly what you're able to do. There isn't anything else that can be done.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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