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Fox News Interview|Rep. Paugers, Tea Party Leader: 4/12/2016 22:42:34

Level 41
Tom Ward: Welcome back, folks, I'm Tom Ward and tonight we have a particularly special guest, leader of the Tea Party and former candidate for president, representative Paugers. How are you doing Paugers?

Paugers: Great to see you again Tom and I'm good, thanks for asking.

TW: Now where to begin, well, I suppose we should really get into the thick of it all and ask why you ended your candidacy for presidency when recent polls showed that half the Republican party stood behind you?

Paugers: To be completely honest, I believe that the people of America cannot be rushed into my proposals as quickly as I would like. It takes years and so I decided to back Governer D. D. Binks and his candidacy for president. Which, by the way, is on as he won the Republican nomination.

*clap clap clap*

TW: Now getting back on track, we've seen a lot of discussion about abortion over the past few days and I just want to go back over your beliefs on this, play the tape.

*Republican debate scene where Paugers states that he will punish any woman that gets an abortion*

TW: Now, this recent statement has showed your approval rates among women dropping to all new lows, a surprising 24% actually. Do you have any comments concerning this?

Paugers: Well, Tom, to be completely honest that is a very leftist news reel. It purposely ignore the part just after that in which I state, "I will punish all women who get an abortion after the law to make it illegal is put into place, the same way I will punish murderers." So I'm not stating that all women need to be punished at all, I'm stating that people must be punished for an illegal act and trust me, it will be illegal.

TW: Interesting, but we'll have to take a commercial break now. Please make sure to stay tuned after this broadcast as well to see a documentary on the spreading virus from Brazil called the Zephi virus.

Edited 4/12/2016 22:42:53
Fox News Interview|Rep. Paugers, Tea Party Leader: 4/12/2016 22:51:05

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
Jesus effing Christ you wait until the debates held by me until you nominate candidates
Fox News Interview|Rep. Paugers, Tea Party Leader: 4/12/2016 22:55:28

Level 41
You said that? I really looked over most of Mocking Election the first one to try to find anything on it and couldn't O.o

But, the Republicans all like him so...
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