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Questions about picks: 5/17/2016 13:06:40

Level 59
(assuming this is a 1v1 on standard 6 manual picks settings)

because 4 months in and I still don't understand how picks work...

1) Is it safe to assume that you can never lose both your 1st and 2nd pick?
2) Is it safe to assume that you can't ever end up with both your 5th and 6th pick?
3) What other picking conditions can you assume?
4) In a situation where you have a territory as your 3rd pick, and the opponent had the same territory as 2nd pick; if you're opponent got 1st pick (which means you should get 2 and 3), does your 3rd pick outweigh your opponent's 2nd?
5) Someone pls explain to me what happened with the picks for this game:

^there were LOTS of conflicts... I loss my 3 to his 4, which meant he had 1st pick since first goes 1, 4, 5. But at the same time, if this is true, then it means I must have gotten 2nd and 3rd pick instead... but again, I loss my 3... what??

Edited 5/17/2016 13:07:04
Questions about picks: 5/17/2016 13:16:46

Level 65
1. yes
2. yes
3. probably a lot:P
4. if you pick the same 1st, then yes(otherwise it may be his 1st for him, your 1st and 2nd for you )
5. he got his 1st, you got yours 1,2, then he got his 4,5 (as 2,3 was alredy taken by you) and then you got your 6, as all higher was taken)

Edited 5/17/2016 13:17:55
Questions about picks: 5/17/2016 13:21:48

Level 60
2- you can never get pick 4/6 either.

Edited 5/17/2016 13:21:59
Questions about picks: 5/17/2016 13:35:18

Master Farah♦
Level 58
Questions about picks: 5/17/2016 13:47:52

Level 66
If you have your picks in smaller bonuses, if your 1st conflicts with theirs you are more likely to get it :)
Questions about picks: 5/17/2016 19:35:37

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
So if you follow a straight up mirror you get:

1 x x 4 5 x


x 2 3 x x 6

Which means it works like this: Someone gets first pick, then the other person will get priority on their next 2 picks, and then it just flips between each player getting priority on their 2 picks.

This means in scenarios with more than 6 picks the mirror is super easy to predict.

1 x x 4 5 x x 8 9 x x 12 13 x x etc. etc.

x 2 3 x x 6 7 x x 10 11 x x 14 15 etc. etc.

So what happens in imperfect mirrors? Well the same pattern holds true, but if there's no conflicts it won't bump either of the people's picks. Meaning if 1 2 3 are for both players in completely different bonuses, both players will get 1 2 3.

So let's say my 1 2 3 are your 1 2 3 but my 4 5 6 are completely different, and so are your's.

This means one of us will get 1 x x 4 5, and the other will get x 2 3 4 (because 4 was a non-conflict)

The person with 1st pick will have 2 intel, and the person with 2nd pick will have 1 intel.

Pretty simple right? Let's expand this discussion to 3v3 europe.

Assume full mirror, and let's give every player a specific letter so we have:

1 x x 4 5 x x 8 9 x x 12 13 x x 16 17 x x 20 21 x x 24

x 2 3 x x 6 7 x x 10 11 x x 14 15 x x 18 19 x x 22 23 x

So let's condense this:

A: 1, 12, 13, 24
B: 4, 9, 16, 21
C: 5, 8, 17, 20


D: 2, 11, 14, 23
E: 3, 10, 15, 22
F: 6, 7, 18, 19

Okay, so when we're picking in 3v3 europe, we typically like to treat the first 12 picks like they'll get a perfect mirror, or a SLIGHTLY imperfect mirror, which is why we do things like pick 6, 7 as a combo for an FTB or just a very clean combo in general. (Think Switzerland, Austria.)

We also like to give 12, 13 a pretty decent combo sometimes, as again that's a likely combo for one person. Now, if you want to get a really good combo for the scenario in which you get 1st pick, you have to opt for 5, 8 (as it's more likely than 4, 9. I think. MotD might yell at me for this)

After the 12th pick, we assume the mirror will most likely end because coverage picks/external picks can be very opinionated, the opening 12 picks however will be very close if not a perfect mirror.

That's a brief synopsis on the general strategies within 1v1 6 picks and 3v3 24 picks.

Edited 5/17/2016 19:43:59
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