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Banked boot time refills: 5/27/2016 21:18:11

Level 58
I recently played a game where the host knew he liked to do other things at the same time (or something), so he set up a game with 3min turns and autoboot, 5min of banked boot time where booted players turn into AIs, and you can come back from being turned into an AI 10 times. It was the most frustrating game I've ever played!

The host was booted at least 3 times, some others gave up waiting for him and were booted themselves or surrendered (and some came back again later, leading to more unnecessarily long turns), and a game that every player bar 1 thought would have taken about 30min took 1h30min because of boot times refilling and there being nothing we could do about it. To top it off, the host continued all the way through to elimination (by which point we were the only two players left - I only finished the game out of spite to make sure he didn't win by boring everybody into submission. His boot rate was over 98% and it's clearly a tactic he uses) despite being in a clearly losing position from the first time he came back from being an AI.

Please can a change be made so that if you're booted and come back the banked boot time doesn't refill? I can't think of any legitimate gameplay reason to keep it as it is.
Banked boot time refills: 5/27/2016 21:21:32

Level 60
This sounds like borderline abusive settings. You can report the host if you want to.

I am sure you don't mind shearing the game link with us?

PS, Note that if he is AI the other players can always VTE the game. Assuming a non-tourney game.

Edited 5/27/2016 21:22:43
Banked boot time refills: 5/28/2016 00:09:03

Level 58
Turns out it was only an hour (picking start locations was 8min previous to the game start time due to the host booting for the first time), not 90min, but it sure felt like it!

[Don't ask why the light blue Gifted me Southern France on turn 2 - I didn't understand either. He asked for a truce with me, I told him to leave Italy for me and he could have France, I think he didn't realise I could island hop on my way there).

Even if it is essentially just abusive settings, I've noticed boot bank timers refilling with other players too and it really annoys me. If you're playing 4 games at once very slowly, getting booted and it's ruining those games for the other people, why not just play multi-day games instead? To me, a 3min turn is a 3min turn, and banked time on small or medium-sized maps is just a grace period in case your computer crashes or you lose connection.

Edited 5/28/2016 00:09:58
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