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new idea to autoboot players: 6/4/2016 16:26:36

backdoor fighter
Level 58
First of all.. i'm totally not a programmer so i don't now if it's actually possible to do what i think.

But we all know that the most annoying thing that can happen in the game is when people who de facto lost their game don't surrender and you therefore have to wait for their bank time to count down completely. For example if you play 3vs3 (with 3 min per turn and 5 min bank duration) you will easily spend 15 mins or more without playing just waiting for your opponents to get booted.

These people shut down the match site and have probably already joined a different game, while you still wait for them to get booted.

So what if the game would recognize the mouse moving of every player. If somebody has left the game he will for example not scroll over territories or deploy armies and therefore would get auto booted after e.g. 2 minutes regardless of the bank or turn time left.

Of course there are people who play wise and spend much time thinking before acting and of course we don't want them to get booted. But they will most likely use there mouse to look at different parts of the map and so on.

(Or there could be a small timer who reminds them to move 5 secs before zero. Or one would only activate this option for fast games...)

Edited 6/4/2016 16:27:36
new idea to autoboot players: 6/4/2016 17:31:56

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
So you're booted if you're idle for 2 minutes, regardless of boot time? Some people have to go do things that can take 3-4 minutes. They'd get booted.
Still not a half bad idea though.

Edited 6/4/2016 17:32:33
new idea to autoboot players: 6/4/2016 17:54:28

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
If you don't want to wait, don't have banking boot times. I will never understand why people complain about settings they are fully aware of when joining.

Why add all these complicated exceptions and rules when playing a straight auto boot game would solve the problem from the start?
new idea to autoboot players: 6/4/2016 19:59:04

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
new idea to autoboot players: 6/15/2016 17:07:44

Level 59
If people play like this they will probably have a high boot rate, so just use prerequisites to exclude these people.
new idea to autoboot players: 6/15/2016 17:13:05

Level 57
Yep. Prerquisites are the way to go. 8% maximal bootrate. At least 120 games played and you filter the majority out. Blacklist will do the rest
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