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The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 14:27:57

Level 41
Children's Entertainment:

Total garbage now of days, when I was a kid, shows showed the amount of imagination their audience was intended to have with classics like Fairy Godparents and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. They promoted using your creativity and made characters like a blue blob seem like the coolest people ever. Now Nickelodeon has shows about... farts I think? Disney is shit as always and Cartoon Network seems the last haven of quality children entertainment, but seems to be slowly making the drop into darkness with Teen Titan's Go...

Comedy channels:

Comedy Central is just reruns of South Park I think. TNT (I'd describe that as a comedy focused channel) is reruns of cancelled sitcoms. Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc are on Fox, but let's clarify that they mostly stink... Mostly, there are occasions they are good.

Education channels:

History Channel executives be all like, "Dafuq is history? Kek." Discovery Channel took the jump with "Naked and Alive" and if I see one more new show about f-ing house pets on Animal Channel I'll kill someone >.< I DON'T CARE ABOUT SOME PIT BULL TAKING A PISS, SHOW ME A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT LIVE IN THE HIMALAYAS OR SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW ABOUT!!!

PBS has always been great and National Geographic appears to be an exception for private networks.

News Channels:

The point when Fox begins gaining trust-ability is a sad point in US history... On CNN the other day I had a news person literally show the viewer a picture of on their IPhone of their daughter to make it more personal or something, because ya know... F actually news XD.
BBC will never be bad.
MSNBC aka liberal network.
All the other ones are just as cancerous.

Other entertainment:

Cop shows are so cliche where has the creativity gone?
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 14:55:02

Von Jewburg
Level 35
For kids shows, fully agree. I swear I saw something with a pickle at one point... a fucking pickle.

For comedy, I just go back and watch Futurama. That was a great show. And the Colbert report.

Don't even get me started on the History Channel...
S:"Hey Bob, have you heard of this new show, it's called Duck Dynasty"
B:"No Steve, what's it about?"
S:"Some rednecks. But it seems popular"
B:"How about we do something like that? Hillbillies killing animals and eating them in the Deep South"
S:"Well, is that really histor-"
B:"Great. I'm calling the executives on it right now"
And thus Swamp people was born.

B:"Aw man Steve, you missed out on the company's tag sale!"
S:"What do you mean?"
B:"I got all this awesome old stuff. Some guy at an antiques store says it's not a real bayonet from the Civil War"
S: "Ok..."
B: "How about a show with a pawn shop, and the people just tell everyone their family heirlooms are trash!"
S:"Please no..."
And thus Pawn Stars was born.

I remember the good old days of animal planet, where you had Steve Irwin and David Attenborough talking about exotic animals, or seeing how the hell a goat can live in the Himalayas, but nooo.... gotta care about those stray dogs we see!
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 14:57:47

Lolicon love 
Level 56
that's why you let them watch anime it's inherently better than mostly any new western cartoons.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 15:19:41

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
BBC will never be bad.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 16:30:27

Mister Kl
Level 55
Kids shows are designed for kids, not adults. I can see why shows like the new PPG, Pickle and Peanut, and other cancers would get viewership from 6-14 yr olds. Although they get insanely autistic sometimes. Im not saying all kids shows are bad, Sesame Street, for example, is a great way to get kids to learn manners, social skills, and form a base for problem solving (other shows that come to mind are most PBS kids shows, some Disney JR., etc.) however as kids get into that 6-14 year old range they become more focused on entertainment rather than learning, where is which most shows become colorful garbage.

Adult Swim has some great Comedy shows imo, however youre out of luck if you dont fancy cartoons; other than that, if you want comedy, buy premium channels or stay up late and watch some SNL, or comedy talk shows (if you dont have DVR)

I agree with the education channels, I can see why the History and Discovery Channels are doing it (it is not often that new discoveries can be made, besides that: "is it interesting and at what cost can you manage to air it on tv?") However Animal channels should be constantly pumping out videos on lions or crocodiles hunting or something like that.

24 Hour news needs fillers tbh. I personally just go online for stuff like that, you can easily check out a headline, do some research, and come to your own conclusion.

I dont watch "other shows"
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 18:36:10

Level 58
BBC is as neutral and centre as you can possibly get. More than any other mainstream news channel, at least.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 19:16:51

Level 55
BBC is my most liked English-tongue news agency.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 19:35:19

Leif Eriksson
Level 13
BBC ? Neutral ? Don't make me laugh.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 19:45:50

Leif Eriksson
Level 13
In the UK they are definitely biased to the Conservatives.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 20:37:29

Level 55

Actually, most folk who say anyting about the BBC bias argue that it's too leftist.

Edited 6/11/2016 20:37:50
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 21:13:45

Level 52
Anime is full of garbage. It's over saturated like other stuff, so you have to get into anime circles to find the good stuff.
The quality of entertainment.: 6/11/2016 21:35:48

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
Me between 5 and now: I'm Rick James, b*tch
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