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A432 vs A440 (or, How Nazis Ruined Music): 6/19/2016 01:10:36

Level 54

The article is a good read.

If you're not a musician it will likely come off as hard to understand, if you're a musician, you might already know of this.

I have yet to try different pitch reference tunings on my guitar, so i will be going to try an A432 tuning very soon. Some say it's a waste, but i think it will offer a different and more serene sound. It won't matter because I'm still gonna over-distortion the f*** outta the tone huehue xixi kekkek.

Anyway, do you think different tuning reference pitches affect the sound? Even if music is melodies and not pitches, wouldn't the melodies have different meaning with altered pieces?

Hope you like my clickbait title

Too Lethargic ; Douche Retard
Is A432 tuning God's tuning? Or a hoax? Or is A440 autistic/cancer?
Edit : added cancer

Edited 6/19/2016 01:11:21
A432 vs A440 (or, How Nazis Ruined Music): 6/19/2016 03:06:50

Level 54
Well, dammit
A432 vs A440 (or, How Nazis Ruined Music): 6/19/2016 04:11:15

What is this cancer?
Level 4
Every sound you make is glorious Prophet Genghis(Conquering be upon you)!
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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