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AOE is recruiting: 7/6/2016 17:41:09

(AOE) Manchester United
Level 26
Are you interested in a clan that is strategic, can roleplay, and has an amazing community that is fun to be around? Then AOE is for you! We offer regular clan tournaments, fun forum games, and an overall friendly environment that never fails to please.

Contact Orthrus Echo Five, , for more information on how to join our wonderful clan

Edited 7/6/2016 18:00:11
AOE is recruiting: 7/6/2016 18:04:33

(AOE) Manchester United
Level 26
sorry I did not see Orthrus Echo Five thread please go this provided link or do what I said before just pm him here is the link to his profile and the link to the other thread

you can also contact me
Thank you
Proctor of Records- Manchester United

Edited 7/6/2016 18:06:23
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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