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Single player boss 3 spawn behaviour: 7/12/2016 14:16:06

Level 58
So i had nothing to do and decided to look into the behaviour of the 3rd single player boss (the one that splits). To do this i was looking for a map with long straight lines of territories to get an easy measure point for the number of territories so i decided to use :

After that i set up a spreadsheet to put in all the results i got from playing the game over and over (inmense loading times cause of big map) and now after 8 tries with 12 AI's on the bosses i've decided to actually share it in open with all i've got so far.

- All distances are calculated from the territory the boss was attacking from
- The 100 armies boss spawns 4 bosses with 90 armies (stage 1)
- The 90 armies boss spawns 3 bosses with 80 armies (stage 2)

I feel like the stage2 charts aren't representing the full picture since bosses can't be placed in the same territory as a other boss is already in and they never spawn on the territory you were attacking from with the boss.
This means some of the boss spawns in stage 2 were higher from the beginning since there were no free spaces closer to the original position of the boss.
Single player boss 3 spawn behaviour: 7/12/2016 17:53:13

Level 60
Wait, so what does this show?
Single player boss 3 spawn behaviour: 7/12/2016 20:33:42

Level 58
it's showing the amount of territories the clones from the original boss and the clones from them are away from the territory they were attacking from.

I have to note that it was on a map where they only could go 1 way since that was easier to measure for the distance they went.

Edited 7/12/2016 20:34:23
Single player boss 3 spawn behaviour: 7/13/2016 11:52:04

Level 56
after staring at it for a good 10 minutes i finally got it. its pretty interesting even though its clearly just a basic chance kinda thing
Single player boss 3 spawn behaviour: 7/15/2016 02:45:39

Level 58
So trying to kill the boss to screw over the opposition AI is very unlikely to work, huh? Shame, that would be a fun tactic.
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