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Bonch 4 - pistacheuuuu 6: 7/26/2011 17:56:43

Bonch The Great
Level 25
So when we first played I beat him the first 3 times.
Then he took 6 straight games, and just now, to much thought I won.
He's probably the best I've played on here along with Heyheuhei.
I had to post this cause I'm excited as I've had a rough spell lately and surrendered in the majority of matches in the last 2months.
I hope I can have a return to good form.

Meanwhile Heyheuhei is beating me 7-0.

Anyone else here have players they've played alot and you keep score.
I know nobody will with me as I'm not near the best on here yet I know others will do this.
Share all.
Posts 1 - 1 of 1   

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