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Tabby Parody Thread: 7/26/2016 04:55:44

Level 22
This thread exists for people to parody typical Tabby speech (or more properly, meowing). Please try to be more Tabbish than me. No offense..just some humor.


Edited 7/26/2016 04:59:05
Tabby Parody Thread: 7/26/2016 05:05:08

Level 22
Typical tabbish fun:

It is simply a matter of fact that the so-called lost wolves have ceased to exist as an entity if they have ever existed before. The very existence of lost wolves as an entity is inherently absurd logically since wolves that are lost are by definition separate from the majority of wolves. Hence all the lost wolves are isolated and can not communicate with each other enough to form one single entity that consists of all the lost wolves.

People may ask us Felidae to make peace with the lost wolves. However it is inherently impossible for one simple, technical reason, namely the non-existence of any organization consisting of all lost wolves to begin with. There is no way we can ever have peace with an entity that does not exist.

Some may persist in their absurd belief that the lost wolves exist as a single entity. However this is just impossible. To claim that the entity of the lost wolves exists is the same as claiming that the Soviet Union does which of course is wrong.

Edited 7/26/2016 05:10:21
Tabby Parody Thread: 7/27/2016 13:06:07

Level 56
Autism. Asperbergers. Judaism. The Holy Trinity
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