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Muslims in the West: Kick em, they'll be happier!: 8/12/2016 05:32:35

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
The reason that the Western world has become such a breeding ground for radicals and so vulnerable to terrorism is the fundamental lack of understanding on the part of the general population of the real dangers that face their countries.

Obviously, the first thing one must realise is that the Muslims that exist in Europe today are, for the most part, immigrants, whether first, second, third and even fourth generation, and are not native to Europe.

The second thing one must realise is that no matter how Westernized you might try to make them feel, and no matter how much you might reassure them of how integrated they are, they will never fully feel part of the fundamentally Christian Western world. Even if they go so far as to sacrifice parts of their religion such as by drinking in order to socialise.

The third thing one must realise is that the majority of Muslims in the West are ideologically corrupt and hold a corrupted view of the world and of their religion.

This last concept one must understand is quite hard to fathom, but I will attempt to unravel it for you. It is the main reason I blame the Muslim communities of the West for not doing enough to curb extremism from within.

Islamic communities in the West are very much insular. They are a well-connected group of families who see very much of each other. They send their kids to the same schools, they eat at the same restaurants, they marry their children to each other etc. Thus, when one of their community members shows signs of extremism, they are ever-more reluctant to give that person up to the authorities.

But also, look at their typical world view. They see their governments and respective allies responsible for allowing Israel to occupy Palestine and Lebanon, invading Afghanistan leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian "brothers and sisters in faith", the invasion of Iraq and subsequent extermination of Sunnis, the resulting rise of ISIL and the Libyan intervention. So, not exactly an excellent track-record.

Also, Muslims generally have a view of Islam that is extremely tolerant towards other strands of Islam. This, you might think as a non-Muslim, is the most moderate form of Islam. However, I'd like you to think about the repercussions such a way of faith might cause. Imagine a scenario in which a Muslim community in a town somewhere in the Western world finds out a Muslim has moved to their town. This individual begins to attend prayers in their local mosque. Some members of Muslim communities would be more sensible and cautious, asking this new guy subtle questions to determine his beliefs. The vast majority, however, will not. They will welcome this potential radical extremist with open arms as a "brother/sister in faith", facing the same hardships as them in a ever-hostile western world. Then they learn that this guy knows the Koran and has memorised its chapters by heart, and they let this guy teach their kids. That's all it takes.

Poof! Just like that, a whole generation of that community has become instantly susceptible to radicalism and are potential suicide attackers. And, I don't know about you, but I hold that community accountable.

My solution to this "Islam problem" is simple. Kick the Muslim population based upon ethnicity. Send the Pakistanis back to Pakistan. Send the Algerians back to Algeria. Maybe wait a bit to send the Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis back, but certainly don't import more potential radicals! Terrorists may be the minority of Muslims, but that is all it takes. And, sadly, the majority are guilty by simply not doing enough.

Please leave a comment. Abuse will be ignored, but feel free to write whatever you want.
Muslims in the West: Kick em, they'll be happier!: 8/12/2016 05:48:24

The Lord
Level 55
The second you propose sending Iraqis back to Iraq you will be called a racist. But still, vote DONALD JOHN TRUMP to prevent ISIS fighters coming to the West.
Muslims in the West: Kick em, they'll be happier!: 8/12/2016 06:02:38

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
I'm not a US citizen, (un)fortunately, however if you are, I suggest that you do vote for Trump, not least because Hillary is a completely corrupt lunatic with no moral standards.
"She can't even satisfy her husband; how's she going to satisfy America?"
Muslims in the West: Kick em, they'll be happier!: 8/12/2016 16:44:47

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
I like Trump's policies.

''We have to send the muslims back UNTIL WE UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON''

^ This man understand the situation but the libtards are libtards and attack Trump like their puppetmasters wants them to.
Muslims in the West: Kick em, they'll be happier!: 8/12/2016 18:57:03

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
I think you misunderstand him.

Trump wants to prevent them from entering, not send them back.
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