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A simple diplo player's request.: 8/28/2016 16:55:48

Level 41
I was making a crusades template the other day using the map 'AD 1045: Roads of Silk and Iron' (LINK: and was designing the border between Mongolia and the Chinese states (which start out at war) when I thought it could be a cool idea to build a Great Wall through neutrals, giving the neutral territories more troops than the surrounding ones and giving a buffer to China. Then it came to mind that this would disrupt some Chinese bonuses and how I wished players could simply add the Great Wall themselves as needed. I arrived at the idea of being able to give certain slots more cards than others, so I could give the Chinese players blockade cards that the Holy Roman Empire didn't have.
This could also be applied to other types of diplos, such as a World War Two diplomacy where Germany receives a lot of air lift cards and Poland does not in order to represent the German technological superiority. Or maybe even a colonial diplomacy where the British Empire could use air lifts to represent naval superiority.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/28/2016 17:25:53

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 51
I believe this is a good idea. Being able to transfer to/airlift to someone not on one's own team and being able to split into two teams also help in modern diplos where "rebel groups" funded by states exist.

For example in a DR Congo diplo game Rwanda and Uganda can always somehow create a new entity called M23 or whatever to mess in Congo without officially be allied with it. In modern conflicts states sometimes do not want to be directly involved in what "rebel groups" do and there should be an easy way to do so.

Edited 8/28/2016 17:31:57
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/28/2016 17:52:00

Level 41
That would be a really awesome idea too, we really need to accommodate for the diplomacies on here too.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/28/2016 21:34:31

Level 44
I agree, the equal distribution of cards is kind of backwards for custom scenario's which allow you to decide most everything else in the game.
I feel if airlift cards receive an ability to be used on non-team locations, that it should also include a warning when you are sending to an enemy so you don't accidentally send to someone of a similar color, or simply misclick and send it to an enemy on your border as opposed to stopping said border.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/28/2016 21:36:04

Level 44
also ofc' the airlift card should need to be selected to have that option by the host prior to gameplay, so as to avoid undue abuse.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/29/2016 01:24:50

Level 59
Given that is was added to SP, i am hopefull for MP too :)
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/29/2016 01:49:48

Level 46
Following up with the rebel thing, there should also be a setting that allows "Rebels spawning". Depending on the number of players, a random territory and some neighbouring territories become an AI. This may be a little difficult as it includes the addition of a new player. Maybe, instead, it could belong to a random player that has been eliminated or booted from the game, as they 'regain' a following.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/29/2016 03:10:30

The Usurper
Level 41
^ I agree with this. It does make it difficult, though, if there aren't any players that have been booted or eliminated beforehand. Maybe there could be a setting to include an extra AI player in some games that has no territory by default, but could fulfill the role as the rebel player in your scenario?
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/29/2016 03:15:58

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
Maybe, instead, it could belong to a random player that has been eliminated or booted from the game, as they 'regain' a following.


I always imagine like in a WW2 diplos France gets destroyed on its mainland and when the allies liberate it a player can be given those territories and being brought back to game.

However, that should be optional. Like a "Times a player can come back" option.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/31/2016 09:20:21

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 50
One way this could work is by setting certain territories to produce a card income. Each turn you retain the territory, you get a piece of the card. Eg; Whoever controls London gets a piece of airlift card each turn, you could replicate the superior naval qualities even if London is taken over by France for example. I think that could work, as it also might suit the Strat community in whatever ideas they may come up with.
A simple diplo player's request.: 8/31/2016 14:18:06

Level 60
Eh no. Adding unrest mechanics is overcomplicating a game supposed to be simple.

I like and personally agree to the card difference, though. There's no reason not to add it. "But people will rig games!" is not an excuse, people already do it and don't need said fancy features.

And, as I say every damn time some nice suggestion comes up, if Fizzer doesn't want to give everyone the prize, he could just make that a member-only feature.
Posts 1 - 11 of 11   

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