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2v2 Ladder Template: 9/11/2016 00:48:55

Level 58
Oh well, this might have been discussed many times somewhere else, but I didn't search it and I'd like to know what does the community about it.

As most of you know, actual 2v2 ladder template is Final Earth SR (called Strategic 2v2), which got recently improved with the 3 picks instead of 2, which was terrible.

Still, after a lot of games played on it, I don't enjoy this and I feel like most of players don't either, or is it just me ?

The purpose of this topic is : could we possibly, one day, get back our 2v2 Strat ME template for 2v2 ladder ? I truly miss it.

That one is way more strategic and enjoyable imo (k I could have argued more but it's 02:41 here so don't be like that :c ), and I'd truly love to see it coming back.

What do you guys think?
2v2 Ladder Template: 9/11/2016 01:08:49

Sułtan Kosmitów
Level 63
In terms of strategy I consider the new ladder template more valulable then strat ME. Due too number of picks, the map size, and some other minor aspects.

I enjoy playing strat ME and I always has played more of this games then the ladder settings. But after playing that many games it appears to me that ME games have some limit number of possibilities which I all know.

Maybe I am mistaken but I think new ladder template gives more variety in picking and playing.
2v2 Ladder Template: 9/11/2016 03:20:09

Master Turtle 
Level 61
ME was great over the past years but like Sultan says there are limited options and it doesn't take much time to learn them all.

However, I agree with you that Final Earth isn't that fun or appealing. Even with the additional pick improvement.

I would counter suggest that a different map/template be implemented like Guiroma, Szeurope, China, etc.. Or possibly a rotating template...
2v2 Ladder Template: 9/11/2016 08:48:19

Level 58
Actually, a rotating template could be cool on that ladder.
2v2 Ladder Template: 9/11/2016 18:36:48

Level 61
Imo the template at the moment is the best ever <3
I really enjoy playing the ladder.
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