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Fast Ladder System?: 10/3/2011 00:26:32

Barney Stinson 
Level 3
I wonder if it is possible to add a Fast ladder system feature, a way to get a ladder going with faster boot times

Not sure how other feel about this but I would like to start spamming games so i can catch up to the impaller, but as it stands i only get to play 5 games at a time and who knows when these guys will be making their moves!

Not sure if i should be posting "Features" here or on the "features forum" page since this is relevant only to the ladder system
Fast Ladder System?: 10/3/2011 02:52:24

Level 50
you have pretty high aspirations
Fast Ladder System?: 10/3/2011 05:59:00

Level 44
I think there was a RT ladder suggestion or two already
Fast Ladder System?: 10/3/2011 18:38:59

Level 55
A while back I think I made a suggestion along the lines of,

Making it so that if you have your 1v1 ladder settings set to five games at a time, and you currently have less than five games being played atm, that you could opt to switch one of your empty slots to a real time ladder strategic 1v1. It would work like, any other ladder player with less games being played than they have their settings to allow could pick up that game with you should they notice it(perhaps on the ladder/home/open games page.) You could switch a slot to this, wait for 10-15min. Maybe you'll get a bite, maybe not. Just remove your empty slot from available for real time when you like. I think for this to be realistic, it'd have to be a one slot used for this at any given time. Also probably limit the amount of real times you can play with any particular player within a 24hr period to like three. No auto boot and a 10 minute manual boot time limit. Five seems too short, and you could have people just being well inhuman..

Would definitely be my favorite feature ever, if implemented :q
Fast Ladder System?: 10/3/2011 22:19:08

Barney Stinson 
Level 3
I like that idea, or have the choice if you have 5 games to do 1 real time but you actually have to click a button that says "search for real time ladder" and i do like the limit on who you play, it could even post a notification like "there are no available players at this time"

HINT HINT Randy make this happen :)
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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