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high rank streak..?: 10/5/2011 00:16:33

Level 44
Since I recently noticed that Troll managed to push past Impaller and Impaller promptly removed himself from the ladder, I am curious if it'd be plausible to put a record someplace of how long you managed to hold onto your highest rank, in addition to just showing what your highest rank was..?
high rank streak..?: 10/5/2011 00:46:24

Level 55
I thought a Hall of Fame feature would be pretty cool for ladder players. With top ten rankings for individual categories of all time status etc. Like top ten of all time for longest number one(determined by most games played as number one at any given time holding the position.) Then top ten win streaks of all time, maybe a top ten losing streaks, just for fun. Top ten highest skill ratings of all time

Could be an interesting add ^^
high rank streak..?: 10/5/2011 03:13:29

The Impaller 
Level 9
I like that idea as well.

And I'll be back to the ladder. I just had to remove myself to go on vacation. :)
high rank streak..?: 12/17/2011 23:22:22

Level 6
To follow up on a similar theme, it would be cool to have a window reporting who has the current longest unbeaten streak. Would be a chance for players from all over the ladder to get a shout out on a good run.

Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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