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Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/5/2016 09:07:46

Level 16
I know... I am still bothering everyone here with my own same problems...
Well, Am I kinda attarded for misunderstanding the point on this level, you can approve it as I am questionning myself.

Even though I am a newby here, and I have passed all the precedent levels, this one is making me sceptic about the way I play it.

Many of you have given me some advices and i applied them but with failure everytime.

If you allow me, here are the different strategies I have tried but with the same end : I lose.

1- I take New zealand and Tazmania and then I spred from southwest to nortwest while I am getting bonuses from southwestern and westwestern . but when I capture Derby and Kununurra with 20 armies on each, the AI coming from Indonesia is very strong and destroy everything even though I defend my 2 terrotories to close the gate from north west.
And also this same Ai coming from Mataranka circles me and slaughter me.
And if i manage to have all western Australia, the AI from central Australia is digging holes from everywhere on the west..

2 - Same thing but I enter from Tasmania to southeast of australia. Trying to spread on the est coast to north from Snowfields and from that same point to west to prevent the Ai from central Australia to get a lot of bonuses. That is working for a time but soon get useless as I am not stong enough to fight in Southeast and on the same time against the Indonesi Ai in northwest..

I dont know if I make myself clear here but I really would like to know what is wrong with my doings, not only to win but to really understand why it is not working

Mephistophele told me He rushed north in western Australia as fast as possible and close the entrance from Wyndham (like I did in point 1) and then head east but i am encountering huge armies when I go from northwest to east and on the same time the Ai is killing me in southwest

Sardonic meow did it on an another way as
Capture New Zealand
Capture territories in southwest Australia and capture Tazmania.
Expand in southwest Australia and expand in southeast Australia.
Defend Tazmania. Do not defend New Zealand.

But here it works until i capture almost all south of Australia but the the army coming from Indonesia is so powerful, there is nothing I can do.

i have tried this level so many times, I dont know what to do else as I can't find a way to make it right.

Is there something I am forgetting here, or should I stop playing this game as i am very bad...
I have checked the history when I am losing and the thing is the probleme is The AI coming from Indonesia I guess, getting so powerful in a quick time..

If someone can analyse my words and maybe find the mistakes, I would appreciate as I am telling myself I am going to get stuck here for years ans stop this game..

Many thanks for your attention and patience...
Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/5/2016 19:53:54

Level 16
don't bother...I did it finally...took me a long time but it's done...
Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/6/2016 08:43:38

gilead k'nights
Level 41
lol, cool dude! how'd you beat it?
Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/6/2016 08:44:26

gilead k'nights
Level 41
three blind mice is a bitch but there's a thread that just got started I think I'll use when I'm ready to try it again.
Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/6/2016 21:23:56

Level 16
Hello gilead knights.
About Feeling blue it took me days !! and was about to throw the computer through the windows !!! Finally I beated it :
1 - take New zealand and expand southwest Australia.
Take Tasmania and defend it for no one has to enter. new zealand was invaded quickly bot no matter
From southwest Australia, i expand and took southwestern and eastwestern (+5 and +4)
while i entered south east of australia I grew east and north.
Continue ascension to northwest by taking west western and east western and defend the border.
Join my army from south east and southwest and grow north with solid defense sometimes cutted by enemies but retaken.
Then i got all Australia with huge bonus and slaugther indonesia and the rest of it.
I couldn't believe when I won as it was very difficult to me.
I tried this same strategy several times but that time it worked...Surely because defense was too low or because of abusing attacks instead of defending...

And just finished Three blind mice !!! I am not so good - took me 40 turns but was very prudent !
Found it easier than feeling blue. The thing is to not expand south but stop with the lizard tribes and take the 2 adjacent territories so the enemy can't have the bonus and then defend and defend until assault by north arrive on the east side of the map.
Take the center island slowly and defend it patiently. i only entered from the Island when my armies arrived on the other side too. have encontered enemy with 130+ armies but had the benefit of 80/100 armies by turn so I could defend easily.

hope all is clear otherwise ask and I will try to help

Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/7/2016 10:01:04

gilead k'nights
Level 41
My hats off to you. Hopefully I fair better this time since I'm a little more seasoned.
Feeling blue- again and again and again...: 10/8/2016 07:00:45

Level 16

Honestly, this level was very hard for me, I dont remember how many times I tried it so I dont deserve any congratulations here.
In parallel, Three blind mice took many a few tries to beat it... I dont know why I get stucked with "feelin blue"...surely i am not a so good player but I dont look to get the champion of the world, I just like to play this game.
Anyway thank you for your support.
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