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A Cry for Help on the Three Blind Mice Scenario: 10/8/2016 02:48:27

Level 6
I need help beating the Three Blind Mice scenario. I've watched the history of each game I've lost, which was useful, but in each instance the AI generates bonus armies far too numerous for any strategy I've tried thus far. Suggestions, tips, and outright leading me by the hand will be greatly appreciated. This scenario is the first one I've had any real difficulty figuring out and I'm at my wit's end on how to overcome it. Thanks! :)

In anticipation of your affectionate response,

A Cry for Help on the Three Blind Mice Scenario: 10/8/2016 06:57:16

Level 16
Hello Gerova.

This is actually how I beat it.

I sent all armies south to take "lizard tribes" (+5) and then Manticore and drake hills so opponent can't take the +11 bonus. AND THEN i STOPPED THERE AND DEFEND FOR A LONG TIME .
Also capture the island in middle from west side and started to create slowy a little army that can take all the island - made it slowly to ensure the capture for no one can take the island or you re dead. when the island was taken, I just defend for a long time and didn't attack until my north army arrive on the east side close to this island
on the same time I sent the commander north, with addition of few armies when i capture "lizard" in the south, and capture Gnome republic and Fairy garden.
After that I expend east and started to encounter AI and start battle but beware to have sufficient armies and back up to secure your territoires cause if enemy cut into your lines its going to be dead.
Little by little I took territorries and bonus sometimes defending, sometimes attacking depending on how many adjacent territories exits with mine.

When I arrived to green elf principality I started to attack frm the island way south and also from The territories i had frm the begginning in the south way to north.
I encountered resistance with 130+ armies but my income were also close to 100 so finally beat it.

It took me a while and i am not a so good player so you can do it.
I move with prudence because the enemy cut into my lines several times and it took time to regain it.
For sure if <I have done it, you can also do..

hope this is clear.
A Cry for Help on the Three Blind Mice Scenario: 10/8/2016 16:16:29

Level 6
Thanks so much for sharing your strategy, I really appreciate it. :)
A Cry for Help on the Three Blind Mice Scenario: 10/8/2016 20:29:07

Level 16
you re welcome - if something not clear, dont hesitate to ask, my english is not absolutely perfect I know
A Cry for Help on the Three Blind Mice Scenario: 10/11/2016 17:21:28

Level 4
It took me ages to crack this one too.

IIRC then head north and south rapidly. Take the middle island fairly early, and keep adding a couple of armies to the eastern tip on each turn to build up protection. Then sit in there while you take the south.

The strategy to the south is to track down the commander, who is always in the landlocked region Behemoth Valley about half-way round (at least he was for me). The quicker you get him, the quicker you can relax a little down there and methodically conquer for extra armies.

Meanwhile, attack the north aggressively and quickly. Take the Gnome Republic for the 9 armies per turn and head straight through the heart of the continent. This is where your main battles will be and you need to stop him gaining armies.

From what I remember of the history graph, turns 7-12 were crucial in not allowing the armies to the north getting away from you in terms of numbers, and from turn 17 onward, you should pull away from him. Then you can start attacking from the middle island and divide and conquer from there.
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