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Team games: 10/14/2016 20:08:07

Level 38
Why do people join team games(say Rise of Rome) and do what ever they want(as if they're playing 1vs1)?
I am a noob myself and I know atleast that I have to do what is good for the team I play in; when said some ideas or suggestions, some players(irrespective of levels) they do what they wish and they bring the team down totally or partially.
Why to join a team game, when you dont want to play as a team and for a team?

Edited 10/14/2016 20:08:46
Team games: 10/14/2016 20:12:58

Level 55
Are you joining these games, or making them?

If making them, pre-reqs on the games is the best way to get rid of such players usually.
- downvoted post by Semicedevine
Team games: 10/15/2016 01:03:56

Level 38
I use a template, which has win rates as pre-reqs. I gotta put level filter too.

Semicedevine-do I seem stupid to you!! why would I write about it,if i do so??
Team games: 10/15/2016 01:43:34

Level 56
[Just ignore trolling like Semicedevine's comment and use the thumbs to down-vote it.]

I agree that a level filter will solve most of your problems. Experiment with other filters, and look at the filters other people use as well. Boot rate is another good thing to filter on.

Edited 10/15/2016 01:43:52
Team games: 10/15/2016 05:18:24

Level 54
Honestly, your best bet is to find like-minded players and play with them regularly. Some of the most satisfying team games I've ever played were with a small group of people who all met each other in open games and began inviting each other to MD games. The problem is that finding them takes time.

A clan might help this process along, but depending on the style of game you want to play, there may not be a clan for you. Most clans are about strategic games (1v1 or small teams, up to about 3v3 RoR in size based on what I've heard) or diplomacies. I've yet to encounter any that play large map team or FFA games regularly...
Team games: 10/15/2016 18:50:14

Level 38
Yes wct-done.

Dogberry-yeah, i have to play more to find such players. Some of the people i regularly play with are from some of these strategic clans-but yes, joining a clan does need me to be a better player and meet certain prerequisites.
It will take more time.
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