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my games are gone ...... :(: 10/30/2011 13:26:16

Level 45
sry but i have a problem when i came to warlight today all the 70 games that i have played are deleted ...... is that normal ? and how can i contact my friends now if i whant to play with them ..... ? a little help would be very very nice please
my games are gone ...... :(: 10/30/2011 13:47:37

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Hey Lexaya,

Don't worry - the games are still there :) The My Games page changed from showing all your games by default to just showing the active ones.

If you want to go find a game that's finished, just do this:

1. On the My Games page, click the Options button
2. Click the drop-down next to Filter
3. Select "All Games"
4. Click Show

If you want it to always show all your games, you can also check the "Save as default" checkbox before clicking Show and it will stay that way the next time you come back.
my games are gone ...... :(: 10/30/2011 14:24:37

Level 45
thank you very mutch XDXDXD dont know how the setting have changed but nevermind. I am only happy :D thanks again
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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