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Game Advice: 11/2/2011 16:34:36

Level 2
Can someone give me advice on this game? How can I improve? And don't tell me on everything! I already know that. [1622772](
Game Advice: 11/2/2011 16:44:50

Level 57

WarLight Creator
You should read through this:, particularly the parts about avoiding wastelands.
Game Advice: 11/2/2011 16:51:52

Level 2
I think I was too focused on getting started. I don't recall being able to see where the wastelands were. I will pay more attention next turn. Pretty easy to improve if I don't overlook this in the future. Man what a dumb mistake! Also, I think it is best to take bonuses that only have one starting spot or else take both starting spots so you don't have to face off with the 4pt starting spot you didn't choose!
Game Advice: 11/2/2011 17:26:30

Level 36
Mainly right off the bat, you shouldn't pick territories with a wasteland in it (let alone two). Also, in the format of 4 armies starting, you should spread your picks out because you can actually cover more ground and also you're not vulnerable when your opponent comes into your homeland.
Game Advice: 11/2/2011 23:03:11

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Abomb, there is only ever one starting spot per bonus. There are just some starting spots that are adjacent but in different bonuses.

Personally, I prefer starting with territories near one another... allows me to unify forces early on and get bonuses faster. Makes it easier to defend down the line since there are fewer fronts to defend and focus on.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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