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Game pace: 1/22/2010 06:29:26

That Jerk
Level 3
I'm new to the site, no games besides single player yet, and I'm wondering what the usual pace of the games is? I work overnights in the Eastern (US) time zone, so my schedule is contrary to most people I know, which would make more than a turn or two per day hard once I go to bed/work.
Game pace: 1/22/2010 12:20:53

Level 29
Currently there are ~3 general types of games.

<5min per move games, these are set up ahead of time with all players being able to devote an hour to the game

~12 hours per move games, where people sign-in and make moves a couple of times each day

~1-2 days per move games, where people are contemplative about their moves and are communicating with allies. this is the most common type of game. so signing-in, and making moves once per day is sufficient.

...there are also games that stall out for months because a player is on vacation
Game pace: 1/22/2010 17:32:29

Level 57

WarLight Creator
When you're creating a game, or looking at a game you might want to join, just look at the boot time.

Most games set the boot timer at greater than 24 hours, which means they only expect people to play once per day.
Game pace: 1/23/2010 04:59:30

That Jerk
Level 3
Thank you.
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