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is donald trump a rapist?: 11/4/2016 06:36:57

Wally Balls 
Level 58
should we elect a rapist president?
is donald trump a rapist?: 11/4/2016 06:40:19

Level 58
This is incredible. I cannot believe it. Wally Balls just called me on the phone, and he was telling me, knyte, you've got to hear what people are saying. Now let me explain something, this guy—you'd know who it was if I told you his name, tremendous expert, studies words for a living, and has many friends in the Trump campaign. This guy, he was saying you would not believe what I'm seeing here, it's incredible, unbelievable.

He told me that, just recently, people are saying Donald Trump has donated fifty million dollars to NAMBLA. Disgusting organization. Fifty million dollars. You would not believe it. But people keep saying it. And old Diddlin' Don, what has he done? Nothing. Si-lence. If all these people—good people, honest people—are saying this fifty million number, NAMBLA, and Diddlin' Don won't say anything, there must be something to it.

But Trump supporters, or as I like to call them, paid Putin stooges, who are trying to rig this election for Diddlin' Don by the way. All these supporters of his, they can't shut up about it. They're saying there's no fifty million this, there's no NAMBLA that. Look, I get it, he's their guy and they've got to cover for him. So my friend—here's the incredible part—he's looking at all these people who are just asking a question, and all these furious Trump people trying to shut them up. You've got one group saying Trump donated fifty million dollars to NAMBLA, and the others saying he didn't. But, let me ask you, what do these Trump supporters choose to call themselves? "Nimble navigators." Folks, I've heard some stupid names before, but "nimble navigator" has to take the cake. Where do they come up with this stuff? So my friend, who studies words, who knows words, he said "we've got to dig deeper on this."

And this is the unbelievable part. Too huge to be a coincidence, people are telling me. He puts the words "nimble" and "navigators" into his computer and runs a program on it. What else can these letters spell, he asked it. The first result—you aren't gonna believe it—the first thing his program tells him is that these letters spell:

I Give NAMBLA Tons r

So "Nimble Navigators" equals "I Give NAMBLA Tons." You heard it here first folks. You can't make this stuff up. Unbelievable. No wonder Diddlin' Don doesn't want to touch this. And if their guy didn't donate to NAMBLA, why are all his people running around with "I Give NAMBLA Tons" in their names? We've got to get answers.
is donald trump a rapist?: 11/4/2016 07:17:41

Level 56
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is donald trump a rapist?: 11/4/2016 07:18:17

Level 56
is donald trump a rapist?: 11/4/2016 11:46:00

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
reported for spam
is donald trump a rapist?: 11/4/2016 11:57:09

Level 56
Belgian Gentleman, aren't you the guy who has made 4 Europe diplomacy maps?
is donald trump a rapist?: 11/5/2016 00:03:40

Spenglerian Traditionalist
Level 47
daily reminder that OP is a paid shill
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