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Felidae: 11/6/2016 17:31:57

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 17
They booted me for no reason! I only paraphrased Taggy Jubbernaut!
Felidae: 11/6/2016 17:37:04

[FEL] The Prince of Felidia
Level 55
I suppose... WE SHOULD DISBAND FELIDAE! And also remove you. That other one must have been the last straw. But I suppose it's nothing Kebab never said
Felidae: 11/6/2016 18:38:18

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
^^For no reason? You are siding with our enemies, promoting anti-Judaism etc while claiming to be me. I deleted my own profile picture because or you.

You need to either make peace with us or we will wage a feline war against you.

Maybe you should ask yourself: Have we Felidae ever mistreated you before all these nonsense? Didn't we embrace you with open arms? Why do you suddenly go against us? If you treat us as your enemies then we will have to respond.

Edited 11/6/2016 18:43:17
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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