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Game analysis: 11/28/2016 01:17:10

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53

Why did I lose this one beyond not using an order delay card when appropriate?
Game analysis: 11/28/2016 02:00:17

Level 56
You tried to attack on too many fronts while not having a significant advantage. You probably should have stayed defensive for one turn and at the same time taken New South Wales which was almost finished and would have boosted your income. Attacking Iran was a waste and gave away your position. Flinging multiple medium stacks against medium walls was your biggest mistake.
Game analysis: 11/28/2016 02:30:23

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
I grossly underestimated Weatherman since he has never beaten me before and used to have poor strat skills. I was completely surprised that he had more income than me when we met.
Game analysis: 11/28/2016 02:37:13

Level 26
I really am not sure West Kazakhstan was a good pick. Thankfully for you, the game turned into a longterm fight so you had time to finish it... in short-term games a pick like that could kill you.

First and second picks NZ and Japan are both low on expansion possibilities, so might have been a lot better to pick Indonesia combo yourself, or double pick West/East Mongolia. There aren't any great counters to either, and Indo has fewer wastelands bordering.

For example, let's assume you take Indo + Malaysia, and opponent tries to counter @ Papua New Guinea. You can deploy 5, hit Brunei from Borneo first order, take Brunei from Philippines last order and slowly take it while your opponent is relatively stuck.

If he doesn't show up in Papua New Guinea, it is fair to assume he has North Aus. If your other pick is a safe three income bonus like Japan, you can finish Indonesia first (Malaysia risks allowing him to stack into Darwin/Cairns without your knowing), finish second bonus, finish Malaysia and/or smash into North Aus before he can. Double picked 3 income bonuses in EA & 0 will out expand a single picked 4 and a single picked 3, which were the only other options on that board that I can see.

Turn 9 was rough because you had no real way to fight back if anything went wrong -- and it did. This makes me suspect picks were a problem, because if you meet and you're instantly stuck, you made a mistake somewhere before.

But talk is talk... invite me to a game. EA & O is a difficult template for me but I'll try to put up a fight. :)

Edited 11/28/2016 02:39:07
Game analysis: 11/28/2016 16:57:50

Level 67
You need to pick more 5 bonuses. Here with the neutrals being 3 those 5 bonuses being efficient are really OP, so you gotta get 3 picks in them.
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