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Favorite maps: 11/11/2011 00:58:37

Level 2
Just a little feature that could make creating a game easier is a favorite system!

All you do is: find a map you like, favorite it, and then you can find it in a Favorited tab! it would make finding that map you keep making games with easier!

Another feature that would be cool is a recently played maps one! It has the last X maps you played viewable under a tab on the map list
Favorite maps: 11/11/2011 01:27:07

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Have you tried saving templates? That would seem to cover your first point to my understanding.
Favorite maps: 11/11/2011 03:01:19

Level 2
Yea I have and do but I was thinking a menu for favorites, others along with you could see it.
Favorite maps: 11/11/2011 03:34:37

Level 9
yeah, my template page is quite filled up. i wish i can have a second page to store my favorite templates.
Favorite maps: 11/11/2011 04:35:11

Seatide Landon
Level 2
How many templates can you ssve?
Favorite maps: 11/11/2011 08:49:35

Level 44
Favorite maps is quite different then templates.. I prefer M.Earth.. I rarely ever play Earth.. so when I create new games, I tend to create them on having this map saved would be easier then creating template MA 5 player, R 2v2, 25% luck sanctions/gift card-M.Earth 9 player FFA, no PM, abandon/blockade-M.Earth modified 1v1 3 player KOTH-etc. especially when many of these 'templates' I will likely only play once or twice, but will often use a map I tend to enjoy more then other maps..
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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